Marrying Big Data management with new breeding techniques for better rice varieties

KUALA LUMPUR: A bioinformatics and breeding data management scientist and professor on November 26 will present on some of the latest advanced rice breeding techniques and technology. Bingbing Wang – Chief Executive Officer at BioBin Data Science Co. and adjunct professor of Hunan Agriculture University in Changsha, Hunan province, China Hunan, China -- will deliver the keynote speech at the Asian Seed Congress technical session organized by APSA’s Special Interest Group for Hybrid Rice. His presentation will cover some of the latest biotechnology applications, especially gene editing technology, which is increasingly being adopted by scientists to develop desired traits in rice, including those rrelated to taste, fragrance and disease-resistance. Dr. Wang will discuss large-scale genotyping technology, including SNP array and KASP/Taqman SNP assays, and whole-genome and target sequencing started to be widely applied in rice breeding program, to facilitate marker assisted selection, marker assisted backcrossing, germplasm characterization and fingerprinting. He will also introduce some of the breeding software available for managing Big Data, as well as the training of Genome Selection models for predicting performance of varieties based on genotypic profiles. Prior to joining BioBin Data Science, Dr Wang worked in DuPont Pioneer in Johnston, Iowa, USA as a bioinformatics team leader and in University of Minnesota as a postdoc research associate. Bingbing obtained his Ph.D. in Genetics from Iowa State University in the US. Click here for more about him and his presentation Abstract. The session will conclude with a Round-Table discussion amongst committee members to lay out plans and activities for next year and beyond. The session will be moderated by SIG Hybrid Rice Chair, Dr Frisco Malabanan, and Co-Chair, Ms Zhu Xiaobo. The SIG Hybrid Rice technical session will be held from 8.30 to 11am at Meeting Room 410 on the 4th floor of the Congress venue