Special Projects

Consortium Companies are eligible to develop and participate in special collaborative projects with WorldVeg, subject to additional collaboration costs paid by Consortium Companies to WorldVeg. These projects will be made available to Consortium Companies to participate. Opportunities to participate in selected collaborative projects will be promoted by APSA to all its members from time-to-time.

Below is the timeline for special projects 2021. While the consortium term is a yearly basis, companies signing the special project(s) will be provided a separate agreement and it is mandatory to be the consortium member in the first year of the special projects. 



Project duration


Project call

Funding requested (US$)

Agreement signing and payment

Heat stress tolerance

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1 Jul. 2021 - 30 June 2024


May 15, 2021

Minimum of 15 companies (US$23,333/company); maximum of 25 companies (US$14,000/company).

All participating companies will share the project cost equally.

June 30, 2021