APSA Social Media Campaign “Join us to celebrate the #IYPH2020” 1 June - 31 December 2021

Plant health is increasingly under threat. Climate change, and human activities, have altered ecosystems, reducing biodiversity and creating new niches where pests can thrive. At the same time, international travel and trade has tripled in volume in the last decade and can quickly spread pests and diseases around the world causing great damage to native plants and the environment.

Protecting plants from pests and diseases is far more cost effective than dealing with full-blown plant health emergencies. Plant pests and diseases are often impossible to eradicate once they have established themselves and managing them is time consuming and expensive. Prevention is critical to avoiding the devastating impact of pests and diseases on agriculture, livelihoods and food security and many of us have a role to play.

For more information on the International Year of Plant Health, please CLICK HERE to visit there offical website.


  • To celebrate the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) declared by the United Nations General Assembly to raise global awareness on how protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.
  • To recognize entomologists / plant pathologists and field inspectors whose work ensures companies can deliver clean seeds to farmers in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • This may include growers who produce clean seeds for seed companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The campaign:

  • APSA to collect and compile all of the quotes from participants and schedule posts in social media throughout the year.
  • There is no limitation of participants joining this campaign.
  • APSA will contact some of the participants to know more about their stories to in the Asian Seed Magazine.


  • Participants are the APSA active members (all categories).
  • Contribution to plant diseases, developing methods for preventing the importation and spread of destructive pests and diseases, etc.
  • APSA active members can share document submission to APSA directly or he/she can be nominated by friends in the company/organization.