The seed industry is ready to come together after a challenging year. We may not be able to do it in person, but there's no question that the seed industry runs on the connections we make each year at America's largest seed industry conference. This year will be bigger than ever, with the virtual format breaking down all previous barriers to participation that will allow a broader, newer, and much larger audience than we've ever seen

ASTA is looking forward to the opportunity in 2020 to bring our membership and seed industry community together for a time-honored tradition this December. Come together with seed professionals from around the world for four days of networking and education - with the biggest audience we have convened in the show's 70+ year history. As we have all learned so vividly this year - "social distance" can sometimes be a misnomer, as today's technology can often bring us even closer connections than we would have had otherwise. The CSS & Seed Expo is an event we need to bring the seed industry back together as we all work to determine our next steps forward.

ASTA is offering an 80% discount over the regular pricing at our in-person conference. We want to build the largest-ever CSS audience this year to maximize the networking for everyone. "First Access" registration, prior to September 15, will be an even deeper discount - just $75 for members/$150 for non-members, which will also include a copy of the traditional printed ASTA Attendee Roster booklet, for our U.S. registrants

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