Korea Seed Expo 2020 October 15 - November 11, 2020 / Virtual Expo










Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the 4th Korea Seed Expo will be held in a virtual format over a three-week period from October 15 to November 11, 2020.

Organized by the Foundation of Agri.Tech. Commercialization & Transfer (FACT), the theme for the 2020 KOREA SEED EXPO is “Seed, Hope for the future,” which contains a message about the infinite potential of the seed industry.

THE KOREA SEED EXPO 2020 IS FREE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS. Just visit www.koreasseedexpo.com
Though the 2020 KOREA SEED EXPO will be virtual, it will still feature all the elements of the in-person event, including variety demonstrations, booths and business meetings. Also attending are 72 seed-related companies showing their varieties and products. 
The Expo will also feature five (5) towns for participants to explore:
  • * Media Town: Here, visitors can watch video clips of welcoming and congratulatory speeches, and find various seed-related information.
  • * Seed Company Town: Here, you can get an introduction to 59 companies (seeds, and agricultural) exhibiting in the Expo, including info about their products. By clicking the logo of the participating company, you can go to the company's booth and find contents of the company.
  • * Seed Story Town: Here, you can find ‘Theme Hall’ and ‘Best Variety Hall’. In Theme Hall, there will be content relaying the importance of seeds, and on seed industry development projects. In 'Best Variety' hall, you can find out about award-winning varieties this year
  • * Seed Agency Town: In this town, we have halls for seed agencies, such as RDA (Rural Development Administration), KSVS (Korea Seed and Variety Service) and FACT (Foundation of Agri.Tech. Commercialization & Transfer)
  • * Demonstration Field Town: As its name suggests, here is where you can virtually visit actual variety demonstration fields and trials. In total, there we will feature 419 varieties of 27 crops including various vegetables and food crops.