18th Guangdong Seed Expo draws thousands of visitors, new varieties

Scroll down for photo gallery. GUANGDONG, CHINA: Held 10 to 13 December in Guangzhou City, the 18th Guangdong Seed Expo drew no fewer than 10,000 visitors, including seed traders, distributors, breeders and members of the general public hailing from across China, the region and world.

Considered the premiere vegetable seed industry winter-harvest gathering of southern China, the four-day expo was jointly organized by the Guangdong Seed Trade Association, and Nangfa Rural Newspaper with support from Guangdong City government.

It featured no fewer than 7,000 popular and new temperate and sub-tropic vegetable varieties, as well as hundreds of related crop input and production technologies, which were showcased in both indoor and outdoor formats – including in open-field and greenhouse demonstration zones.

Among the delectable samples luring visitors to water their mouths were tasty offerings of melon, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, capsicum and sweet corn.

Set up at two locations in the city – Kemulang and Nansha – total variety exhibition space spanned some 560 mu (37.3 hectares).

In addition to hundreds of traditional exhibition booths, another popular indoor element of the event was its premium and private Chinese-style hotel-room exhibitions, hosted in 335 private rooms at the the Tianhong Hotel.

Among exhibitors represented this year were several APSA members including Guangdong Provincial Improved Variety Introduce Service (GLseeds),  Rijk Zwaan, Shandong Huasheng, Dalian Mikado International Seeds, Clover Seeds, Wuhan Yafei Seeds, Wuhan Hanyan Seeds, Guangdong Helinong Seeds, Leadhood Seed and Minpack Technology (Shanghai), among other Chinese and international organizations.

Special delegations from Malaysia (led by the Malaysian Vegetable Farmers Association and Malaysia Salawak Merry Province Farmers' Cooperative), and Thailand (led by the Thai Seed Trade Association and Thailand’s National Science and Technology Development Agency) also attended.

More details about the 18th Guangdong Seed Expo to be published in the next edition of Asian Seed & Planting Material, out in Quarter 1 of 2020. 

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