Standing Committees

These committees meet every one-two months to discuss issues and activities pertaining to their field. They assist in the planning of study tours and expert consultations and prepare position papers with regards to these topics. Members of these committees are professionals in their field and may be consulted for speaking engagements and other issues pertaining to the committee subject matter. If you are an active member of APSA and would like to join a Standing Committee, please contact the APSA office in order to be connected to the Chairperson for registration and future involvement.

The Executive Committee shall have the authority to establish Special Committees and Special Interest Groups, which shall report to the Executive Committee. Each Standing Committee and Special Interest Group shall meet at the call of its chairperson.

Each Standing Committee and Special Interest Group shall, within their respective terms of reference from time to time approved by the Executive Committee:

  • - Conduct programs of interest for the Members;
  • - Consider and report on relevant subject-matter to the Executive Committee; and

  • - Make recommendations to the Executive Committee on positions to be taken by the Company on issues of concern to the Company or the Members, for the Executive Committee’s approval.

To view the Terms of Reference, Roles & Responsibilities for APSA Committees, please CLICK HERE

Any APSA Member interested in seeing the latest Standing Committees activities , please log-in to your account and visit the SC & SIG Folders within Members Documents.


Standing Committees International Trade and Quarantine (ITQ)

No. Name Position in the group Company Member since Country / Terriotory Representative
1 Mr Michael Leader Chair Bayer (South East Asia) Pte. Ltd. 2020 Singapore
2 Ms Abigail Struxness Co-chair American Seed Trade Association 2020 USA
3 Mr John Mizicko Member Eurofins Biodiagnostics 2018 USA
4 Dr Mary Ann Sayoc Member East-West Seed Company, Incorporated 2018 Philippines
5 Mr Hamzah Imran Member Seed And Seed Processing 2019 Pakistan
6 Ms Cindia Jia Member Shanghai Wells Seed Co Ltd 2019 China
7 Dr Sumitra Kantrong Member Chia Tai Co., Ltd. (Head Quarter) 2019 Thailand
8 Mr Sanjay Bisht Member Enza Zaden India Pvt. Ltd 2020 India
9 Ms Elvire Petel Member Groupement National Interprofessionnel Des Semences Et Plants (Gnis) 2019 France
10 Ms Thelma Soriano Invitee CropLife Asia 2017 Philippines
11 Dr Rose Souza Richards Invitee International Seed Federation (ISF) 2020 Switzerland
12 Dr Ravi Khetarpal Invitee The Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) 2021 Thailand

Standing Committee Seed Technology

No. Name Position in the group Company Member since Country / Territory Representative
1 Mr Johan van Asbrouck Chair Rung Rueng Consulting Co., Ltd. / Rhino 2017 Thailand
2 Dr Manish Patel Co-chair National Seed Association Of India 2018 India
3 Prof. Dr. Uma Rani Sinniah Member National Seed Association Of Malaysia 2020 Malaysia
4 Dr Jagadish G. V. Member Indo-American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt., Ltd. 2020 India
5 Dr Sandeep Jadli Member East West Seed Co., Ltd. 2021 Thailand
6 Dr Tomoko Sakata Member Incotec Europe B.V. 2021 Netherlands

Standing Committee Intellectual Property Rights and Biodiversity

No. Name Position in the group Company Member since Country / Territory Representative
1 Dr Arvind Kapur Chair Acsen Hyveg Private Limited 2017 India
2 Mr Francois Burgaud Co-Chair SEMAE 2017 France
3 Ms Anke van den Hurk Member Plantum 2017 Netherland
4 Mr Viet Anh Khuat Member Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. 2021 Singapore
5 Mr Michael Leader Member Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd. 2019 Singapore
6 Ms Rosa Natividad P. Villanueva Member East West Seed Co., Ltd. 2021 Thailand
7 Mr Fabrice Mattei Member Rouse & Co. International (Thailand) Ltd.  2021 Thailand
8 Mr Liam Gimon Member AIB Anti-Infringement Bureau For IP Rights On Plant Material 2021 Belgium