APSA Seed Academy

Introducing APSA Seed Academy: Empowering Seed Industry Professionals

We are pleased to unveil the APSA Seed Academy Platform, an exciting digital learning hub designed exclusively for APSA active members. Take your skills and knowledge in the seed industry to new heights with our comprehensive courses, meticulously crafted to enhance your expertise in key areas such as intellectual property rights, seed technology and breeding innovation. Developed in collaboration with the APSA Standing Committee for Seed Technology, this platform is your gateway to unparalleled growth and success.

Unleash Your Potential with APSA Seed Academy Courses

Our platform offers a range of dynamic courses, with new ones regularly added to keep you at the forefront of the industry. Dive into topics that matter most to you:

1. Seed Technology

   - Master the art of seed priming, dormancy, and coating.

   - Discover techniques for physical and physiological seed upgrading.

     - Harness digital tools for seed quality enhancement and explore the wonders of nanotechnology in seed enhancement.

 - Learn more on seed health testing for plant virus pathogens.

2. Plant Breeding Innovation and Regulatory Landscape

   - Navigate the complex world of plant breeding regulations and stay ahead of the curve.

3. Intellectual Property Rights Protection for Seed Production

   - Learn best practices and gain insights into IP protection, tailored to the seed industry.

   - Explore real-life examples and understand the significance of IP protection on a crop-specific level.

4. Plant Variety Protection and UPOV Convention

   - Delve into the realm of plant breeders' rights and farmers' benefits.

   - Explore the intricacies of the PVP system and enforcement practices through compelling examples.

   - Gain a deep understanding of the UPOV convention and the challenges it presents.

   - Unlock the information to becoming a UPOV member country.

5. Field Crops Breeding Technology

   - Equip yourself with advanced breeding technology for field crops.

   - Embrace agronomy and digital interventions to elevate productivity for farmers.

   - Discover revolutionary yield enhancement technologies.

   - Join the celebration of the International Year of Millets (#IYM2023) and explore its significance.

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Exclusive Benefits for APSA Members

As an APSA member, you enjoy exclusive perks that amplify your learning experience:

1. Limited-Time Offer: for 2023 only, we are providing one free access for voting representative to access the above courses updated regularly.

2. Downloadable Presentation Files: Access and download all presentation files to augment your knowledge.

3. Recognized Achievements: Receive a personalized certificate of course completion under your name, recognizing your dedication and expertise.


Join APSA Seed Academy Today!

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Expand the Learning Experience

Need additional accounts for your colleagues? Contact Bobbie (komsak@apsaseed.org) to unlock access at highly attractive rates and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes from APSA based on your learning record.

Pricing Details (Valid for 4 Months):

- USD 150: Access for 5 learners per APSA member organization

- USD 250: Access for 10 learners per APSA member organization

- USD 400: Access for 20 learners per APSA member organization

Should you require further information or user assistance, feel free to reach out to Bobbie at komsak@apsaseed.org. We are here to support your learning journey.

Together, let's cultivate knowledge, nurture growth, and empower the seed industry like never before with APSA Seed Academy. Join us today and unlock your true potential