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February 2021

  • 1. Intro 00.00
  • 2. Technical Affairs Update by Mrs. Kunaporn Phuntunil (APSA Technical Coordination Manager) 05.00
  • 3. ASCRT Update by Mr. Muhammad Moazzam (APSA Technical Program Manager) 09.30
  • 4. Public Private Partnerships update by Ms. Xiaofeng Li  (APSA Partnership Program Manager) 11.30
  • 5. Events Update by Mike Kingpayom (APSA Events Manager) 13.58
  • 6. Seed Industry News by Steven Layne (APSA Communications Manager) 19.30


January 2021

1. Intro: Dr. Kanokwan Chodchoey (APSA Executive Director)

2. Technical Affairs Update by Mrs. Kunaporn Phuntunil (APSA Technical Coordination Manager)

3. Events Update by Mike Kingpayom (APSA Events Manager)

4. Seed Industry News by Steven Layne (APSA Communications Manager)

2020 Podcast


December 2020





  • Intro Music: Auld Lang Syne by TheRealGooglekatClaire
  • Updates from the APSA Secretariat by Dr. May Kanokwan Chodchoey
  • Updates on Technical Affairs by Kunaporn Phuntunil
  • Updates on Upcoming Events by Mike Kingpayom
  • Updates on Seed Industry News by Steven Layne
  • Introduction to ASCRT 1 Session by Dr. Simon De Hoop - Chair, APSA R&D Advisory Group
  • Soundbytes from from ASCRT speaker: Dr. Kartikeya Srivastava - Banaras Hindu University (BHU), India
  • Soundbytes from ASCRT speaker: Dr. Derek W. Barchenger - World Vegetable Centre 
  • Outro ASCRT 2 Promo by Dr. Seetharam Annadana – Co-Chair, APSA R&D Advisory Group 
  • Outro music: Auld Lang Syne by DL Sounds Royalty Free Music



November 2020


  •  Intro by Steven Layne 
  •  Audio Montage from Virtual Technical Sessions
  • Intro to sessions from Mr. Tahir Saleemi: from 0:56
  •  Intro: Standing Committee on International Trade Quarantine
    by Michael Leader, Chair, from 2:05
  • Access to Seeds Index by Ms. Aarti Misal
    of the World Benchmarking Alliance from 3:25
  • Intro to US NSHS by Samantha Thomas
    of Bayer Crop Science from 4:51
  • NSHS Perspective from US APHIS - Sarika Negi,
    NSHS Accreditation Manager from 5:58
  • NSHS Perspective from Iowa State University,Dr. Gary P Munkvold,
    NSHS Co‐director for the Administrative Unit from 7:10
  • OECD Report on the Impact of COVID 19 on Seed Sector
    by Mr. Csaba Gaspar - OECD Seed Schemes Program Manager from 8:37
  • Intro to SC Seed Technology by Mr. Johan van Asbrouck -Chair,
    SC Seed Technology from 10:08
  • Genetic Purity Tests perspective from Vegetable Seed Company
    by Dr. Shigeru Tanabe, Manager, Quality Management,
    Sakata Seed Corporation from 11:07
  • Genetic Purity Tests perspective from Field Crops Seed Sector
    by Mr. Kodi Ganesh Poorna Chandra Rao - APAC
    Seeds Quality Head, Syngenta from 13:26
  • Seed Quality by Dr. Wilco Ligterink - Team Leader Crop Innovation, Keygene from 15:03
  • Genetic/variety tests by ISTA by Dr. Chiara Delogu - ISTA Variety Committee, ISTA from 16:32
  • Intro to SC IPR & Bio by Dr. Arvind Kapur - Chair, SC IPR & BIO from 17:32
  • General Introduction of Digital Sequence Information (DSI)
    on Genetic Resources by Ms. Anke van den Hurk -
    Deputy Director, Plantum from 19:03
  • DSI Perspective from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
    by Dr. John Damien Platten - Senior Scientist, IRRI from 21:00
  • Perspective from from World Vegetable Center
    by Dr. Roland Schafleitner- Head of Molecular Genetics Flagship
    Program Leader - Vegetable Diversity and Improvement,
    WorldVeg and Dr. Maarten van Zonneveld - Genebank Manager, WorldVeg from 22:12
  • Fall Army Worm  by Dr. B. M. Prasanna, Director, Global Maize Program, CIMMYT from 25:00
  • Hybrid Rice Breeding Innovation with Bio Technology by
    Prof. Peng Hai, Director, Joint Molecular Biology Laboratory,
    Development Center for Science and Technology of MARA
    and Jianghan University from 27:16
  • Intro to SIG V&O Session by Mr. Michel Devarrewaere - Chair, SIG V&O from 30:26
  • Overview of Gene bank in Asia by Dr. Maarten Van Zonneveld -
    Genebank Manager, World Vegetable Center from 35:57
  • Crop wild relatives and importance in climate-smart breeding
    by Dr. Benjamin Kilian - Senior Scientist & Project Manager,
    Global Crop Diversity Trust from 39:23
  • Systems Approach Concept by ISF and Industry View
    by Ms. Merel Langens - Chair of ISF
    Systems Approach Working Group from 41:37
  • Working Group of Integrated Vegetable Seed Companies –
    Action Summary by Dr. Sumitra Kantrong - Outgoing Chair from 45:06
  • Session wrap-up by Dr. Yan Shupeng - Co-Chair, SIG V&O from 51:46


  • Asian Seed & Planting Material, Vol 24, Issue 6 Preview
    by Steven Layne from 54:14
  • AGM Updates by APSA Event Manager Mike Kingpayom from 57:20
  • Handover speech from Immediate Past President
    by Mr Tahir Saleemi from 58:34
  • Handover address by new APSA President Mr Wichai from 1:03:11
  • APSA New Budget  for 2021 by Dr Manish Patel from 1:05:43
  • ASTA Corn, Sorghum and Soya Seed Conference promo from 1:09:10 
  • APSA ASCRT Session 1 Promo from 1:09:30
  • Asian Seed Congress 2021 Venue and Dates from 1:10:24



October 2020



00:03 - 01:11: Loi Krathong Song by Dr. Kanokwan (May) Chodchoey: 
01:12 - 03:07: Greetings & Intro
03:08 - 05:11: Updates from the Secretariat by Steven Layne
05:12 - 6:25: Soundbite on APSA-ISTA MoU by Tahir Saleemi
06:26 - 08:24: Soundbite on APSA-ISTA MoU by Dr. Andreas Wais 
08:25- 09:18: Soundbite on APSA-ISTA MoU by Dr. Kanokwan Chodchoey
09:19-09:44: Soundbite on APSA-ISTA MoU by Dr. Florina Palada 
10:03-16:33: Technical Affairs Updates by Kunaporn Phuntunil
16:34-20:36: Events Updates by Mike Kingpayom
Outro Loi Krathong Song by Dr. May



September 2020





Intro: 00:00-0:2:59  

Technical Affairs: 0:2:59-8:09

Events: 08:10 - 14:57

Traditional Thai Songs on Khim by Dr. Kanokwan (May) in order:

- Kang Kao Kin Kluay (Intro and Conclusion)

- Lao Duang Deuan (Technical Affairrs background)

- Nang Kruan (Events background)



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