ASC 2022 Import Policy

Bringing Seeds to the ASC 2022 As Samples (for Display/Exhibition)

All seeds being brought into Thailand are subject to in-country examination and inspection. Companies/Exhibitors who want to bring seed samples to the Asian Seed Congress 2022 should follow the policies to be exempted from airport inspection.


  1. Complete the process required in your OWN COUNTRY in obtaining the phytosanitary certificates of the seed samples you want to bring to Thailand.
  2. Complete the ASC 2022 Seed Import Declaration Form. Please CLICK HERE to view and download the form. Please make sure to submit the form to the APSA Secretariat and NOC on or before 31 October 2022. Please send to 
  3. APSA Secretariat/Thai NOC will send the Import Permit immediately back to you as soon as the Plant Quarantine Office of Thailand issues them, together with the PQ5 Form. Please contact the APSA Secretariat or NOC if you have not yet received them one week before the Congress. 


DECLARE that you are bringing seeds by presenting the following three (3) documents at the Plant Quarantine office at Suvarnabhumi Airport (Near BELT NO. 8 at the Baggage Claim area):

  1. The Import Permit (from the Thai Plant Quarantine Office)
  2. Form PQ5 (from the Thai Plant Quarantine Office)
  3. Phytosanitary Certificates from your own country
  4. Non-GMO Certification


  1. Those who still have remaining seeds with them after the conclusion of the ASC 2022 need to bring the seeds to the Thai DOA-PQ Officers at the Congress who are tasked to bring those samples for destruction.
  2. Please bring ALL remaining seeds to the Department of Agriculture Booth located within the Thailand Pavillion at Booth No. 3. before 3:00 pm on Thursday, 17 November 2022.
  3. If you intend to bring the seeds back to your own country, they will be considered as “RE-EXPORT” which entails another set of procedures and payment. Kindly inform APSA/Thai NOC if you need to do this. 


  1. Please do not attempt to bring seeds into Thailand without the proper declaration and documentation. Even at the Asian Seed Congress, Thai Plant Quarantine Officers may conduct random checking of the necessary documents among those who have seeds for display.
  2. In lieu of bringing actual seeds, you can bring empty packets of seeds as sample products for display. 

IMPORTANT SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (click to view & download)

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