Volume 27 No 3 July - Sept 2021

The latest issue of Asian Seed Magazine or Q3-2021 of Volume 27 has a whole lot of content covering various aspects of breeding and seed trade trends, policies, regulations, legislation, technology and innovation. The issue opens with the quarterly addresses from APSA President Khun Wichai, and Executive Director, Dr. Kanokwan or May − which put the past 18 months into perspective for the seed sector, as well as provide some important reminders and details about APSA’s upcoming Annual General Meeting. Then there is important seed industry editorials and news, including on gene editing regulatory trends in Japan and the Philippines, as well as other news updates from leading seed companies in the region.

The cover story encompasses theme of seed and plant phytosanitary affairs and measures following APSA’s recent Expert Consultation on Phytosanitary Collaboration in the Asia-Pacific, which is accompanied by a feature story providing some insights into the dozen of plant pandemics and epidemics that are of concern for international food security. There’s also a seed trade trends report for maize and wheat sowing seed, highlighting peculiar import and export trends of all of the Asia-Pacific countries for this type of seed, including China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Pakistan, among others. Furthermore, the issue has quarterly updates from all of APSA’s Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups, including upcoming and past activities and events, which you don’t want to miss.