Indonesia Seed Association

Asbenindo: Indonesia Seed Association

Known as Asbenindo in Indonesian, the organization’s structure comprises Secretary General Nana Laksana Ranu, Chairman Ricky Gunawan, Vice Chairman Abdul Hamid Fauzie, and five additional board members: Honorary Member Dewan Kehormatan; Expert Member Dewan Pakar; Advisory Member Dewan Penasehat; Treasurer Ayub Darmanto and Vice Treasurer Tri Lestari. Secretariat notables include Executive Secretary Achdijat Basari and staff member Andhika Whisnu Wardhana. Asbenindo has some 70 members and five technical committees: Inter-Agency Relationship, chaired by Adhie Widiharto; Food Crop Seeds, chaired by Dodi Supriatna, with three sub-committees on rice, corn, and soybean and bean seeds; Horticulture Crop Seed, chaired by Mulyono Herlambang, with three sub-committees on seeds for vegetable and leafy plants, annual fruits, and tubers; Plantation and Forestry Plant Seeds, chaired by Ateng Sutisna; and Communication and Information, chaired by Firmansyah. The Strategic Plan focuses on spreading understanding of seed regulations; plant breeding; and coordinating with government to provide seeds for farmers. To serve its members needs, Asbenindo regularly corresponds with three ministries: the Ministry of Agriculture regarding PVP, import/export permits and certification; the Ministry of Trade, also for import/export permits; and the Ministry of Law & Human Rights for patent rights. Provincial Plant Quarantine Centers, the Seed Supervision and Certification Center, and the Institute for Agriculture Assessment and Application are also consulted.

The above information is based on a presentation given during APSA's annual National Seed Associations meeting, held on 27 November, 2019. For the latest information about Asbenindo, visit their website directly.