APSA Recognition Award for Most Influential Plant Breeding Researchers in the Asia Pacific Seed Sector 2021

APSA is pleased to announce that we are taking an initiative to recognize plant breeding researchers for their excellent services and contributions to the plant breeding sector, farmers, industry, or consumers in the Asia and Pacific region.

The Awardees will be invited to share their experience in the Webinars and/or Technical Sessions of APSA Asian Seed Congress. APSA will also publish the story of awardees in Asian Seed Magazine.

How to Submit Nominations:

  • Please CLICK HERE to view and download the Nomination Form.
  • A nominee must be nominated by 3 nominators who are active APSA members from different APSA membership company / organization / association.  All membership categories are allowed (seed enterprise, government agency, seed association and affiliate categories).
  • The nominee may or may not belong to the APSA member company or association. However, they are required to work for private sector (retired plant breeding researchers from a company can be considered)
  • A nominee from any country who make an impact to the seed sector in Asia and Pacific region can be nominated.
  • Nominators can submit more than one nominee forms, but one nominee can be submitted in one form.
  • The Nomination Form shall be sent directly to Dr. Kanokwan Chodchoey (may@apsaseed.org) before July 30th, 2021.

The required information to be filled in a nomination form

  • Life time research output track record (crops and key achievements).
  • The nominator must mention the nature of the research that the nominee worked on and the impact of the work of the nominee on the farmers and agriculture sector i.e., nutrition, disease resistance, abiotic tolerance etc.
  • Short CV of the nominee
  • The references of the other two nominators (name + contact)

For more information, please contact Mr. Muhammad Moazzam, APSA Technical Program Manager at moazzam@apsaseed.org