Philippines Hybrid Rice & Hybrid Corn Study Tour 18 - 22 September 2023 / Manila & Davao, Philippines

APSA’s Special Interest Group for Field Crops would like to invite all APSA members to attend a special  “Hybrid Rice and Hybrid Corn Study Tour in the Philippines”. Organized by APSA SIG Field Crops Committee and Philippine Seed Industry Association (PSIA) in partnership with the Rice Board, The Study Tour will be held from the 17th to the 23rd of September 2023.

The tour has been designed for participants to gain new knowledge on hybrid rice and hybrid corn, exchange practices and knowledge with institutions and seed companies in the Philippines. The program itinerary also includes a visit of leading field crops and seed processing companies, Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), hybrid rice seed production and commercial demo and the National Rice Technology Forum Demonstration and Technology forum for hybrid rice.


Participation for the Hybrid Rice and Hybrid Corn Study Tour is only 2,200 USD and will cover meals, local transportation in the Philippines (bus and one way air ticket to Davao) and hotel accommodations in the Philippines.

Maximum participants allowed is 40 persons, where all delegates are responsible to cover their airport transfer in the Philippines and their round-trip travel between their country and the Philippines.