APSA Welcomes Dr. Shivendra Bajaj as new Technical Advisor

The APSA Secretariat is pleased to welcome as its newest member, Dr Shivendra Bajaj, who commenced as the association’s Technical Advisor on January 4 on a part-time basis.

Prior to joining APSA, Dr. Shivendra Bajaj led the Federation of Seed Industry of India (FSII) and the Alliance for AgriInnovation (AAI) as the organizations’ Executive Director since 2018. 

His responsibilities at FSII and AAI included regular engagement with key stakeholders, including high level decision makers in India’s Central and State governments as part of advocacy for the adoption of seed and biotechnology friendly policies, innovation, new technologies and breeding applications that benefit farmers and the greater agriculture sector.  

Having been represented at various international forums, Dr. Bajaj is versed in the global coordination and systems for phytosanitary process improvement, as well as Access and Benefit Sharing in food and agriculture.  

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, including with multinational organizations in various senior and leadership roles, he brings to APSA a wealth of knowledge and expertise on plant breeding innovation, trends, and regulatory affairs. 

In his new role, Dr. Bajaj will represent APSA at all international meetings relating to technical subjects, and liaison with the association’s three Standing Committees (SCs) and two Special Interest Groups (SIGs) – and their respective subgroups – to see through technical program initiatives.   

He will supervise APSA Technical Program Manager Kunaporn Phuntunil in the execution of all SIG and SC activities and meetings, while providing guidance to Kunaporn, as well as APSA Partnership Program Manager Mrs Xiaofeng Li, in the engagement of technical committee members and concerned stakeholders.  

Furthermore, he will provide technical guidance on policy advocacy related activities, including the development and drafting of position papers as per the needs of APSA’s technical committees.  

Moreover, Dr. Bajaj will lead in the development and management of technical projects proposed by the committees, seeing through all stages of development – from idea and design to execution and completion.  

“Having worked closely with Dr. Shivendra on a number of key initiatives over the years, we are very fortunate to have him join our team in this capacity,” commented APSA Executive Director, Dr. Kanokwan Chodchoey. 

“Technical Affairs is core to APSA’s activities as a regional seed association, and Dr. Shivendra’s background, expertise and experience will no doubt be a great asset in our efforts to enhance and improve stakeholder engagement and member services in general,” she added.  

Dr. Bajaj, who Is based in Auckland, New Zealand, commented: 

“It is a privilege to be associated with APSA. Not only does this role allow me to relocate to New Zealand, but also provides me the opportunity to continue contributing in the areas of IP, Plant Genetic Resources and Plant Breeding Innovation, and thus further enhance APSA’s reputation as a leading seed industry organization.” 

To find out more about what’s Dr. Bajaj has lined up in his new role, technical affairs and projects, stand by for an exclusive audio-video interview to be featured in APSA’s podcast, to accompany the association’s newsletter at the end of January.  

Meanwhile, Dr. Shivendra can be reached by email: shivendra@apsaseed.org