APSA welcomes new leadership for its technical committees

Bangkok, November 29, 2022: The Asia and Pacific Seed Alliance (APSA) has confirmed the appointment of several new chairs and co-chairs of the association’s standing committees (SCs) and special interest groups (SIGs):
Mr. John Mizicko (Co-Chair of SC International Trade and Quarantine); 
Dr. MD Ali Afzal (Co-Chair of SIG Field Crops); 
Mr Farhan Saleemi (Co-Chair of SC Seed Technology); 
Mr Rahul Pagar (Chair of SIG Vegetables and Ornamentals) and 
Mrs. Linda Chang (Co-Chair of SIG Vegetables and Ornamentals). 
For list of all chairs and co-chairs, click here and here
Furthermore, APSA would like to thank two outgoing chairmen of the Working Group of Integrated Vegetable Seed Companies (WIC), Mr. Rahul Pagar and Mr. Mr Sanjay Bisht, who concluded their tenures on a high note during the group’s annual meeting on November 13 in Bangkok.
Under their humble oversight, the WIC gained steady ground on several burning issues affecting seed trade in the region, seeing through the advancement of several new initiatives, in addition to the sustainment of multi-stakeholder cooperation to effectively address several burning issues affecting the development, production and movement of quality seeds in the Asia-Pacific region. 

APSA hereby thanks them for their devotion and dedication thus far.


With that, we’d also like to welcome two new capable chairmen taking over reins of the WIC to steer the group in working towards its objectives in the coming year. 
A warm welcome to the two new chairs, Mr. Takahiro Ando (Chair) and Mr Harendra Singh (Co-chair), who were nominated and unaminously seconded to steer the group during the November 13 meeting.
Mr Ando and Mr. Singh are passionate and capable leaders and will no doubt succeed in moving forward the priorities of WIC.