Asian Seed Congress 2023 Survey Questionnaire reveals ASC 2023 delegates overwhelmingly satisfied

CHRISTCHURCH: The Asian Seed Congress 2023 concluded with resounding applause as participants voiced overwhelming satisfaction across most aspects of the event, which took place in New Zealand’s Canterbury region late last year.  

Held primarily at the Ta Pae Convention Centre 20-24 November 2023, the flagship annual meeting of the Asia and Pacific Seed Alliance (APSA) was attended by more than 1,100 delegates, representing private- and public-sector seed industry organizations from around the region and world.  

In the weeks following the event, a comprehensive questionnaire garnered input from 170 respondents, representing an 18.95% response rate out of 897 active delegate emails. 

The survey yielded valuable insights using a five-point Lickert Scale and facilitated commentary feedback on specific aspects.  

General Satisfaction: 


Examples of general satisfaction results in bar graph  

The ASC host country, venue, staff, National Organizing Committee support, theming and design all received stellar average satisfaction scores, ranging from 4.46 to 4.64, culminating in overall satisfaction rates exceeding 89%. 

Registration processes emerged as a standout success, boasting an outstanding average satisfaction score of 4.64 and an overall satisfaction rate of 92.71%. 

While trading tables presented a mixed reception, achieving an overall satisfaction of 82.35%, other aspects like meeting rooms and the exhibition garnered positive feedback, contributing to overall satisfaction rates of 81.18% to 83.53%. 

Culinary and Special Events: 


Examples of culinary and special events results in bar graph

The congress buffet lunch and coffee breaks received moderate satisfaction, with average scores of 3.47 and 3.98, contributing to overall satisfaction rates of 69.41% and 79.65% respectively. 

Special events, including the Inaugural Ceremony, Welcome Cocktail, and APSA Young Club, enjoyed positive ratings and attendance. 

The 135 respondents who attended the Grand Banquet collectively scored an average satisfaction rating of 4.19, or overall satisfaction of 83.85%. 

Special events like the Annual General Meeting and various Post Congress Tours received positive feedback, contributing to overall satisfaction rates ranging from 75.33% to 86.43%. 

Workshops and Technical Program: 


Examples of workshop and technical program results in bar graph

Technical meetings organized by APSA’s Special Interest Groups and Standing Committees received commendable average satisfaction scores ranging from 4.06 to 4.32, underlining the enriching experiences attendees found in these focused sessions. 

Tourism Experiences in New Zealand: 


Examples of tourism experiences in New Zealand results in bar graph

Participants engaging in tourism experiences showcased a positive trend, with 60% acknowledging Tourism New Zealand promotional material and 7.06% booking experiences through provided QR codes. 

Remarkably, 27.65% explored activities independently through other channels, reflecting a diverse exploration of New Zealand attractions. 

Business and Future Attendance: 


Examples of business and future attendance results in bar graph

Robust networking was evident, with 61.76% meeting New Zealand contacts for the first time during the congress. 

An overwhelming 88.24% found the congress profitable for their businesses, emphasizing the event's significant impact. 

Looking forward, 85.88% expressed a strong willingness to attend future congresses if held in New Zealand, underscoring the desirability and success of the location. 

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