Central Asia Seed Industry News

This page features a compilation and selection of Central Asia seed industry news briefs, summaries and leads, with an emphasis on events that impact or affect provinces, regions, counties, cities and locales in central Asia countries. 

The news covers trends and events regarding seed regulation, testing, legislation, phytosanitary issues, intellectual property rights, biotechnology (genomics, gene-editing) plant breeding, agronomy and cropping, with original sources linked.

This page will be updated throughout the year, with most recent briefs listed first.


2021, Q4 News

Uzbek delegation seeks climate-resilient crop options from ICRISAT: The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics shared in an October 1 tweet about a recent visit to its Indian headquarters byan Uzbek delegation seeking options for crops that could thrive in the extreme fluctuating weather and climate conditions in Uzbekistan. According to an article which the tweet linked to, the delegation were in “search of a short-duration second crop suited to arid ecologies that mature before winter. The visit aligns with the Government of Uzbekistan’s efforts to increase agricultural production through double cropping. The visitors were briefed on dryland crop options and expressed interest in academic exchanges and internships based on the Institute’s expertise in genomic technologies and dryland agri-food systems.”
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