1. Intro by Dr. Kanokwan Chodchoey (APSA Executive Director)

2. Upcoming Events by APSA Event Manager Mike Kingpayom 6.59

3. APSA-WorldVeg Consortium update by APSA Partnership Program Manager, Mrs. Xiaofeng Li 14.36

4. Technical Affairs Updates by APSA Technical Coordination Manager Kunaporn Phuntunil 17.28

5. Seed Industry News by APSA Communications Manager Steven Layne 26.44

6. Introduction to TGIF Cucurbinar Webinar by APSA R&D Advisory Group member, Dr. Conrado Balatero 32.12

7. Introduction to Access to Seeds Index by World Benchmarking Alliance ATSI Lead, Alice Ingabire 35.12

8. APSA Expert Consultation Introductory Remarks by APSA SC ITQ Chair, Michael Leader 38.03

9. Outro and Sponsor Acknowledgements 42.11