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Welcome to the 2024Asian Seed Congress

The Asian Seed Congress is the most significant event on the Asia and Pacific seed industry calendar.

Since its inauguration in 1994 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the annual event has been hosted in numerous key cities in the region, including New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Brisbane, Shanghai, Bali, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Chiba, Seoul, Kobe, Macau, Kaohsiung, Manila, Pattaya, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok.

The 29th Asian Seed Congress will be held at the Mangrove Tree Resort World Convention Center in Sanya, Hainan, China from the 2nd to the 6th of December 2024. This Congress is organized by the Asia & Pacific Seed Alliance (APSA) and the China National Seed Trade Association (CNSTA) as the official National Organizing Committee, in collaboration with Sanya Government and Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City (ZBSTC).

Sanya, China
2 - 6 Dec 2024

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Dr Manish Patel



I am deeply honored to extend this invitation to join us for the 29th Asian Seed Congress, scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of Sanya, China, this 2-6 December. This year, we take pride in our collaboration with the China National Seed Trade Association (CNSTA) and the esteemed Sanya Municipal Government as we host this prestigious event.

This marks the second occasion that APSA will convene our flagship event in mainland China (the first being in 2005 in Shanghai), underscoring the country's pivotal role in the seed industry. Sanya, dubbed the 'silicon valley of seeds' by the Chinese government, stands as an ideal host city for our weeklong gathering. Given China's status as the largest seed market globally and its leading representation within APSA, it is only fitting that we assemble in a location of such strategic importance.

Our partnership with CNSTA and the Sanya government symbolizes the enduring bond between APSA and China, reflecting the shared commitment to advancing the seed industry in our region. We are eagerly planning for, and anticipating engaging discussions, forging fruitful partnerships, and gaining valuable insights that will shape the future of seed science and technology.

The subtropical-tropical island of Hainan, with its allure as a tourism destination, combined with the region’s year-round significance in seed research and production, promises an unforgettable experience for our delegates and their families. Moreover, as China emerges as a global leader, this Congress presents a historic opportunity for the APAC seed industry.

Indeed, this year marks APSA's 30th anniversary milestone, providing us with a poignant opportunity to reflect on our journey thus far. Let us honor our heroes and champions, while we gain steam (and STEM) in preparing the next generation of seed professionals to lead us into a new era of seed excellence in the Asia-Pacific region.

I hereby extend a warm invitation to all APSA members to join us in Sanya for what promises to be an exceptional event. Let us unite in celebration of innovation, collaboration, and progress in the dynamic field of seed science and technology.

See(d) you in Sanya!

Francine Sayoc

Executive Director


Together with our national organizing committee, I extend a warm invitation to all members of the Asia and Pacific Seed Alliance (APSA) to join us for the highly anticipated Asian Seed Congress 2024, taking place in Sanya, Hainan Province of China from 2-6 December 2024. This year’s congress promises to be an exceptional event under the theme "Riding the Wave of Growth in the Asia Pacific."

The 2024 Asian Seed Congress also marks APSA 30th anniversary and we are excited to delve into discussions and initiatives that will shape the future of the seed industry in our region. On its third decade, APSA continues to look at the different ways we can further empower the seed sector in its essential role in food security in the face of climate change and dwindling resources. It is also a key contributor in advancing common goals like enhancing agricultural productivity, improving supply chain resilience, and bolstering food security for millions of people across diverse landscapes.

Don’t miss this chance to join industry leaders, innovators, policymakers, and partners in APSA’s biggest event of the year. Take advantage of unique opportunities to network, share knowledge, and ride the wave of growth and transformation in our dynamic region. See you in Sanya!

Minjie Ying



On behalf of the China National Seed Trade Association, I warmly welcome you to Sanya, China, to participate in the 29th Asian Seed Congress!

As an important member of the Asian family, China has always been committed to promoting the common development and prosperity of the Asian region. This year, the Asia and Pacific Seed Association has given us the opportunity to engage in in-depth communication about new technologies and trends in the seed industry, explore cooperation opportunities, and promote the seed trade prosperity between China and Asia-Pacific countries, aiming for mutual benefit and a win-win situation for the entire seed industry.

The congress, held in Sanya, China, offers an excellent opportunity for delegates to fully understand the achievements of Sanya's "Nanfan Silicon Valley" and China’s seed industry. During the post-congress programs, you can visit research institutes, enterprise breeding farms and well-equipped laboratories to experience the strong developmental vitality of China's seed industry.

As the national association of China's seed industry, the China National Seed Trade Association has been dedicated to building an international seed industry exchange platform. Adhering to the principle of openness, cooperation and win-win, we actively establish contacts with seed industry organizations and enterprises in various countries to promote seed trade, international exchanges and cooperation. Our members eagerly anticipate welcoming business partners from around the world.

Let’s collaborate to discuss the future of the seed industry in beautiful Sanya and contribute to the development of the seed industry in Asia and beyond!

Weihong Tian

Secretary General


On behalf of the China National Seed Trade Association, I am very pleased to cordially invite you all to Sanya, China for the 2024 Asian Seed Congress.

Sanya is a renowned seaside resort both domestically and internationally, known for its beautiful natural scenery, rich culture and cuisine. Moreover, Sanya is the ideal and famous place for winter breeding in China, having cultivated numerous high-quality and high-yield innovative varieties.

We are thrilled to co-host this prestigious international congress at the Mangrove Tree Convention Center, located in the heart of Sanya. The convention center is surrounded by five hotels, all within 2-5 minutes’ walking distance, ensuring a convenient experience for all APSA delegates.

The ASC 2024 presents an excellent chance for us to engage with colleagues, friends and industry professionals from across the world, offering APSA delegates abundant business, trade and cooperation opportunities.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our China team. We look forward to welcoming you all to ASC 2024 and wish you a wonderful and memorable experience in China.


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'FAQ' Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Asian Seed Congress?

The Asian Seed Congress is APSA’s flagship event, held annually in a host country within the Asia-Pacific region. The event is organized jointly by APSA and the host country's National Organizing Committee, and steered by the national seed association in the host country.

It is a members-and-invitation-only event featuring a trade exhibition, private and semi-private meeting rooms, trading tables, technical sessions, local tours, culture and entertainment programs. The week-long Congress is initiated by an all-day Pre-Congress Workshop focusing on a new theme every year, and officially concludes with APSA’s General Assembly Meeting.

There is also a Post-Congress Tour offered for members to visit seed production and processing facilities in the host country. Previous editions of the Asian Seed Congress were held in Bangkok, Incheon, Goa, Macau, Kobe, Bali, Pattaya, Kaohsiung, Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Chiba, Japan, Bangalore, Jakarta, Brisbane New Delhi and Chiang Mai.

How can I attend the Asian Seed Congress?

Only employees from ACTIVE Member Companies can attend the Asian Seed Congress. To register for the congress, members must register themselves via the Congress Registration Event Page. Delegates are responsible for their own delegate registration fee, airfare, travel expenses and hotel accommodations.

Early-Bird Registration starts May 2, Normal Registration starts July 1 and Late Registration starts October 1.

Delegate Registration details

Members can register themselves as Full delegates, Accompanying Person.

Delegates have access to all areas of the Asian Seed Congress. They can enter the Trading Table area, the Exhibition Zone, participate in the Congress Workshop and all Technical Sessions, attend the Annual General Meeting and all Social events which include the Inaugural Ceremony, Welcome Cocktail Party and the Grand Banquet. Delegates also have the benefit of dining at the Congress Sponsored Buffet Lunch and Coffee Breaks.

Accompanying Persons should be strictly limited to those who DO NOT have business participation in the congress, such as spouses, partners and/or children of delegates. Accompanying Persons are not allowed to enter the Trading Table Area, Meetings Rooms nor the Exhibition Area. They also cannot attend the Congress Workshop, Technical Sessions nor the Annual General Meeting. They are entitled to a complimentary tour of the host country arranged by NOC, a sponsored lunch, and able to attend all social events which includes include the Inaugural Ceremony, Welcome Cocktail Party and the Grand Banquet. Accompanying Persons are not allowed to dine at the Congress Sponsored Buffet Lunch and Coffee Breaks.

Please be advised that this year there will be NO booth exhibitor registration.

Trading Table Details

Every year at the Asian Seed Congress, one area is designated for Trading Tables. This area allows for Face-to Face Business meetings between members. There are usually 200 tables available each year, selling at the price of $650 USD per table. Each company can book a maximum of 3 tables, and can be done once Congress Registration opens on the 2nd of May.

The Trading Table area is open for 4 days, Monday – Thursday. Only full delegates are allowed within the Trading Table Area.

Exhibition Booth details

Another area of the Asian Seed Congress is designated for Exhibition Booths. In this area members can easily promote their product and/or services. There is usually a minimum of 30 booths within this area, consisting of 2 types of booths, Regular Booths and Super Booths. Regular Booths are 3 meters by 3 meters whereby Super Booths are 6 meters by 6 meters. Please be advised that this year there will be NO booth exhibitor registration. Members are advised to register as Congress delegate to supervise the booth.

Congress Workshop & Technical Session Details

The Congress Workshop is usually held on the first day on the Congress. Technical Sessions are usually held on the second and third day of the Congress. Participation is free for all delegates and no pre-registration is required. For Congress Workshop and Technical Session Agenda and details, please view within Program Tab.

Annual General Meeting details

The Annual General Meeting is where members attend to discuss and vote on important matters and issues regarding the association. One membership has one voting right and the voting representative has to be updated 40 days before AGM. It is also where election for the Executive Committee takes place. The Annual General Meeting usually takes place in the afternoon of the fourth day of the Congress.

Social Events

There is a total of 3 Social Events during the congress, the Inaugural Ceremony, the Welcome Cocktail Party and the Grand Banquet. The Inaugural Ceremony is where the official opening of the congress takes place. The Welcome Cocktail Party is where delegates come to relax and network with each other. The Grand Banquet is the official closing of the congress. Delegates and Accompanying Persons can attend.

Post Congress Tour details

The Post Congress Tour takes place on the last and final day of the congress and are organized by the National Organizing Committee. Here delegates have the opportunity to visit Local Seed Companies, participate in Field Trials. Delegates who are interested in attending the Post Congress Tour must first register and pay. For more details, please visit on the Post Congress Tour webpage within the Program Tab

Congress Sponsorship details

There are 3 Sponsorship Levels for the Asian Seed Congress; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Companies that wish to become sponsors must first be an Active APSA Member. If the company is located within the host country, payment for sponsorship must be made to the National Organizing Committee. For companies located outside the host country, payment must be made directly to APSA. Each sponsorship category has different benefits and price, where details can be viewed at the official Asian Seed Congress website.

For more details on ASC 2024 Sponsorship, please CLICK HERE

How do you become a host country for the Asian Seed Congress?

To become a host country for the Asian Seed Congress, the National Seed Association of the country must first being active member of APSA under the seed association category.

APSA will officially send out a communication regarding the call out for the Asian seed congress proposal. Within this communication will be details regarding the guidelines of said proposal. The Proposal from seed association must be submitted along with the Expression of Interest to host the conference. The proposal must include information that demonstrates the ability and/or commitment to meet the requirements listed within the ASC Hosting Guidelines (which will be shared to the member upon request). This letter should be made, in writing to the Secretariat before May 1st, two years prior to the hosting of the Congress.

All proposals for the hosting of the Asian Seed Congress (ASC) will be reviewed by a selection panel that will make recommendations to the APSA Executive Committee, based on agreed upon criteria and applied scores. The decision of which proposal will be accepted will be officially announced during the annual general meeting 2 years prior. For more details, please contact Events Manager at