Bert van der Feltz steps down as president and CEO of East-West Seed, succeeded by Douwe Zijp

Bert van der Feltz will step down as president and CEO of East-West Seed. Van der Feltz will be succeeded by Douwe Zijp – currently Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company. 

Ard Groot, Chairman of the Supervisory Board: ‘Bert has dedicated 20 years to the company, of which 5 years as CEO and President of the Board of Management. He played a strong role in the development of the company, like the founding of East-West Seed India in 2004, and I am grateful to Bert van der Feltz for his tireless efforts.” 

Douwe Zijp has been a member of the Supervisory Board of EWS since 2016. In the past he was CEO of Nunhems and Incotec, among others. Zijp also has extensive experience as an advisor and supervisor in the industry (click here for full profile). Douwe Zijp is appointed for a limited number of years.

“As the world is changing in the face of today’s challenges” - Ard Groot explains - “the essential role of seeds and agriculture in the food system has become ever so clear. With his broad managerial and seed experience, Douwe Zijp will lead the Board of Management team with Simon Jan de Hoop and Michel Devarrewaere  which will bring our fast-growing company to the next phase”. 

The leadership change will be effective per 14 December 2020. 

To learn more about East-West Seed's strategy and direction, read our recent interview with Bert in Asian Seed Magazine, on page 12 here.