ASC 2023 Post Congress Tour 1 Canterbury Seed Tour


Tour Details: 

  • Registration Fee – 70 USD per person 
  • Maximum of 45 participants allowed 
  • For ASC 2023 Delegates ONLY 
  • No Refund for any cancelations after 31 October 2023 
  • If you wish to register for this tour, please contact APSA Membership Coordination Manager, Mr. Komsak Kamjing (Bobbie) at


ASC 2023 Post-Congress Tour 1 - Canterbury Seed Tour Program

08:30 AM Pick-up from Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre 
09:00 AM Plant & Food Research, Lincoln
11:00 AM Birkett Farming Limited 
12:45 PM Farmers Corner - LUNCH
02:45 PM South Island Seed Dressing
04:30 PM Travel back to Christchurch
06:00 PM Arrive at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre


Plant & Food Research

Plant & Food Research is a Crown Research Institute that uses world-leading science to improve the way we grow, fish, harvest, prepare and share food. Every day, we have 1000 people working across Aotearoa New Zealand and the world to help deliver healthy foods from the world’s most sustainable systems.

As part of using science to create a smart green future we’re focused on new fruits, better grains, smarter use of chemicals, stronger biosecurity, higher yields, exciting foods, great nutrition and reduced waste. Our Lincoln site, based just outside of Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand is home to 186 staff and a 176 hectare arable research farm. Key crops that are part of research at the Lincoln site include cereals, forage brassica and vegetables.

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Birkett Farming Limited

  • Farm: 200ha (25ha leased) 
  • Soil Types: 70% Temuka Silt Loams, 30% Paparoa Silt Loams 
  • Irrigation: 95% Guns and Lateral, From 2 main bores 30 & 50m deep 
  • Livestock: Integrated into system over autumn, winter, spring. Trading lambs and ewes. 
  • Crops: Wheat 48ha, White Clover 30ha, Ryegrass 35ha, Peas 25ha, Broad Beans 14ha, Radish 14ha, Green Beans 10ha, Barley 10ha, Pasture/Lucerne 15ha 
  • Management: Mass Budget based on previous crops and calibrated every 2nd year. 
  • Irrigation Management:  Probes and spade. 
  • Cultivation Management: All options are on the table, normally as few passes as possible. 
  • Residue Management: All options are used depending on next crop being planted. 
  • Cover Crops: Used where possible but only about 15% of property. Normally 3 species, oats, phacelia and buckwheat. 
  • Rotations: Largely based around N management. 


South Island Seed Dressing

South Island Seed Dressing and Storage Company are a 3rd generation Family-owned local business who have over 30 years’ experience providing seed services to the arable industry. They process a large range of seeds with around 80% destined for export markets across the globe. SISD specialise in export quality processing of Brassicas, Vegetables, Grasses, Pulses, Cereals, Clovers, and Oilseeds.

They offer all services to seed, including drying, storage, specialist processing, treatment, packaging, testing, container loading and transportation. There is a sister company to SISD. Tasmanian Seed Dressing & Storage Company, based in Launceston, Tasmania which also specialises in the same processes and mostly the same seeds.

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