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February 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to APSA’s February 2023 Newsletter! New features, watch and listen the exclusive interview HERE. 

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Introduction / Address from APSA ED

Dear APSA members,

First, let me take this opportunity to congratulate the Bangladesh Seed Association for a successful first congress in Dhaka. We are happy to see this gathering of seed industry professionals in Bangladesh and from around the world. Bangladesh is one of the key strategic countries for APSA, as the country has a great potential to develop into one of the seed production hubs for the region.

The National Seed Association of India will organize the Indian Seed Congress during 3-4 March 2023. APSA is pleased to announce the first MoU between APSA and the National Seed Association of India, and G B Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, which will be geared towards  strengthening capacity and collaboration, starting with our University Connect Program. Our President, Dr. Manish Patel, and our Executive Committee Member, Mr. Rahul Pagar, will represent APSA and sign the MoU at the ceremony. This is a great start to the year, and please stay tuned for more information in next month's newsletter.

Moving on, from 20-22 February, APSA co-organized the Data-driven Breeding Symposium in collaboration with SIP Japan, Tokyo University, NSTDA, ListenField Inc, Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Kasetsart University (KU), and the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) as part of efforts to advance and exchange knowledge on the latest plant and seed R&D breeding tools and technology. This symposium was attended by more than 30 participants from several countries. APSA would like to congratulate Tokyo University, Kazusa DNA Research Institute, SIP Japan, and ListenField Inc for a successful symposium to launch a constructive predictive application for breeders, and we would like to thank NSTDA, Kasetsart University, and the Plant Breeding and Multiplication Association of Thailand for their great arrangement and support in bringing expert breeders to the symposium for exchanging ideas with our participants. For more information, please see link here.



Moving to the upcoming event update, from 7-9 March, National Plant Protection Officers from 13 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) will physically meet in Bangkok, Thailand for the 9th APSA Phytosanitary expert consultation. This year, APSA decided to organize the meeting in March as we would like to take all NPPOs to visit the fields and laboratories in Khon Kaen, Thailand, since a good understanding of seed industry practices will help support NPPOs to work on phytosanitary regulation in a collaborative approach. The main objectives this year are to emphasize the pest list database following ISPM38, ePhyto, and third-party lab accreditation in accordance with ISPM45. A country update will be presented by each country's NPPO, referring to the last update in August 2022. APSA's International Trade and Quarantine Standing Committee, together with ISF and CropLife Asia, are excited about the opportunity to exchange ideas with NPPOs and share best practices from the seed industry. We would like to reiterate the importance of predictive and science-based phytosanitary regulation for international seed movement. Seeds are the starting point of food security, and it is crucial that our farmers have access to high-quality seeds at the right time. For our members or regulators who would like to understand the overview of how seeds are produced and moved across countries before they are dispatched to farmers, we have a presentation by our previous Chair of the International Trade and Quarantine Committee, Mr. Michael Leader, linked at the end of the newsletter. Please feel free to share it with any relevant persons in your country.

Aside from this, see more seed industry news links, membership announcements, technical affairs updates and upcoming events below.

Catch up again soon.

May Chodchoey,
APSA Executive Director

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APSA MEMBERSHIP Reminders and Updates 

As the New Year of 2023 has just begun, I would like to remind you that it is now time to renew your APSA 2023 Membership and enjoy exclusive access to APSA’s membership database and business directory, enabling you to link up with both public and private sector decision makers and expand your business regionally and globally via exclusive networking opportunities with leading seed enterprises and organizations. CLICK HERE for APSA Membership Dashboard Log-in Tutorial, which will help you to better understand how to sign-in to your account and navigate the Membership Dashboard.

APSA Membership term is 1 January through 31 December and membership renewal fees are due 1 January each year. Unpaid dues as of March 31 will result in disqualification from membership privileges. APSA Membership Fees are non-refundable and we do not provide pro rata membership rates.

Since the start of 2023 and until today, we now have a total of 106 active APSA Members who have renewed their 2023 Membership.

Please be informed that we have successfully opened a new bank account with Standard Chartered Singapore, details below. And we are happy to inform you that you will now be able to settle online payment via Credit / Debit Card.



Beneficiary's account name: ASIA AND PACIFIC SEED ALLIANCE LTD.

Beneficiary's bank name: Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited

Beneficiary's bank Branch: Battery Road

Beneficiary's bank code: 9496

Beneficiary's bank address: 6 Battery Road, #08-01, Singapore 049909

Beneficiary's Account number (USD): 01-0-600568-5

GIRO/Standing instructions – SCBLSG22XXX

Swift code or IBAN #: SCBLSG22XXX


Please be advised that all invoices will be available to be viewed and downloaded now. To view, print and/or make payment for your invoice, please visit the APSA Member Dashboard.

Looking forward to your kind cooperation at your earliest convenience which will be highly beneficial for us and would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Komsak Kamjing (Bobbie)

APSA Membership Coordination Manager

Mr. Komsak Kamjing (Bobbie)

APSA Membership Coordination Manager 

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9th Phytosanitary Expert Consultation

APSA is organizing the 9th Phytosanitary Expert Consultation (invite only) under the theme of “Public – Private partnership for enhancing seed trade In the Asia Pacific Region” on 7-9 March 2023. The first 2 days will be an expert consultation meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand where participants joining both physical and online are from National Plant Protection Offices, seed associations, seed phytosanitary experts from industry, organizations including the International Seed Federation (ISF), CropLife Asia (CLA) and the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institution (APAARI).  The third day of the event will be a field visit in Khon Kaen to visit California Seed and Plant Lab (third party lab accredited by Department of Agriculture in Thailand to run Seed Health test for phytosanitary certificate), Syngenta production field and Bayer Seed Processing plant to understand more on how seeds are produced and moved internationally. The meeting was coordinated by the APSA Standing Committee on International Trade & Quarantine.


Indian Seed Congress 2023 (March 2 - 4, 2023)

The National Seed Association of India (NSAI) is pleased to invite you to the Indian Seed Congress 2023 (ISC 2023), the 11th edition of the Annual Global Seed Industry event which will be organized in the capital of India, New Delhi,  from 2 – 4 March, 2023. The Indian Seed Congress (ISC) is NSAI's annual flagship event. It is the biggest seed congress of Southeast Asia bringing together industry, scientists & governments from across the global. ISC showcases the latest trends and views of the seed sector; voices their concerns; deliberates on new technological advances to tackle obstacles to growth. ISC is an innovation hub where the barriers are removed, and new technology development and innovations are introduced. It provides a chance for delegates to exhibit new products and services across networks for better business development. The Indian Seed Congress provides a platform for the seed Industry to interact closely with technology developers, sector development officials and policymakers.

If you are interested to learn more about the Indian Seed Congress 2023, its agenda, registration & sponsorship details and how to attend, please visit

AFSTA Congress 2023 (March 6 - 8, 2023)

The 23rd African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) Annual Congress will be held in the wonderful city of Dakar, Senegal from 6 – 8 March 2023. The AFSTA congress provides great opportunities for the seed industry stakeholders to network and trade, and also to provide information on the latest policy developments that have the potential to impact seed trade activities in Africa.

This year’s AFSTA congress will discuss the state of implementation of the harmonized seed trade policies and regulations by member States, as well as the Africa Free Trade agreement and its potential impact on the Seed Industry, as AFSTA remains relentless in advocating for improvement of the seed trade within Africa, a key mandate for the association. The organizers also invites you to showcase your products and services by booking an exhibition booth, reserved a trading table for delegates trade negotiations and/or advertise in the African Seed Magazine.

If you are interested to learn more about the AFSTA Congress 2023, its agenda, registration & sponsorship details and how to attend, please visit

World Seed Congress 2023 (June 5 - 7, 2023)

This year’s ISF World Seed Congress will be held 5 – 7 June 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa. The congress will be held in the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC), the leading convention center in the African continent and located in the heart of Cape Town. South Africa will gather seed professionals from all over the world for business, trading, exhibition, panel discussions, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Registration is now open, until 26 May 2023.

This congress is not to be missed!

If you are interested to learn more about the ISF World Seed Congress 2023, its agenda, registration & sponsorship details and how to attend, please visit


Mike Kingapayom

APSA Event Manager

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Public-Private Partnerships

Welcome to Technical Affairs update. The same as before, let’s start with the APSA-WorldVeg Vegetable Breeding Consortium.

We are happy to inform you that the registration for 2023 APSA-WorldVeg Vegetable Breeding ConsortiumCLICK HERE to learn more about the consortium benefits.) and its Annual Workshop are now open, please CLICK HERE to register. Better benefits are provided to 2023 Consortium members including increase of free lines from 10 to 15, add hybrids in the exclusive lines, more training opportunities, and set up annual meeting for discussing special project ideas.

The Annual Workshop & the post-workshop tour of 2023 APSA-WorldVeg Vegetable Breeding Consortium will be held on May 9-11, 2023, at World Vegetable Center Headquarters in Tainan. Participation in the workshop is open only to registered APSA-WorldVeg Vegetable Breeding Consortium companies. WorldVeg offers free workshop participation to one employee from each Consortium Company. For more details, please CLICK HERE to visit the Annual workshop event page. Please note that the registration deadline for consortium annual workshop will be on 15 April 2023 to ensure enough time for the onsite logistic arrangement.

The bitter gourd project was kicked off on 1 February 2023 and bitter gourd field day will be organized in Thailand from 9-10 August 2023 (Wednesday, Thursday) for the 35 partcipating companies only.

If you have any problem or need help from the APSA Secretariat, pls contact APSA Partnership Program Manager Ms. Xiaofeng Li at

Watch the exclusive interview with World Vegetable Center Privat Sector Relations Manager by clicking thumbnail below


Ms. Xiaofeng Li

APSA Partnership Program Manager

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Technical Affairs Updates

Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups

. Most committees had their first online meeting in February.  The Committees reviewed their membership tenure and started activity planning for 2023. It was proposed by APSA secretariat that APSA can hold APSA Annual Technical Meetings in person from 2024 and online meetings every subsequent quarter. All SC/SIG committees fully supported to conduct APSA technical meetings in person in first week of February.

Following is a summary  of the APSA SC/SIG activities this month.

Standing Committee on Seed Technology: 

In the first Seed Tech meeting held on February 1, 2023,  the committee welcomed Dr R. Rajasekaran and Mr. Md. Azizul Hoque who has been in observer position for a year as  full committee members. The committee also agreed to accept a new member from Korea Seed & Variety Service, Dr Woosik Kang, who will first join the committee meeting in March.

Topics discussed during the meeting for activity planning were  APSA Seed Technology Webinar, APSA Seed Academy program and APSA – ISTA seed quality management workshop.

Besides, the committee  welcomed Dr Sandeep Jadli as the New SC ST Chair starting this year. He thanked the committee for giving him this opportunity and said that with full support from the Seed Tech members, the committee will move to new heights. Last but not least, the committee would like to thank the retirinig chair Mr Johan van Asbrouck for  great support to APSA Seed Technology Committee for several years. Mr Asbrouck will continue as a member of the committee.

Standing Committee IPR & Biodiversity:

The first SC IPR & Biodiversity committee meeting was held online on February 2. In this meeting Ms Hélène Khan Niazi from International Seed Federation was invited to provide update on the UPOV Essential Derived Variety Working Group. The main activity planned for this quarter is the APSA Seed Association Meeting where topics related to Access and Benefit Sharing, farmer and breeder’s rights, Digital Sequence Information (DSI) will be included in this meeting. All views will be collected and develop statement or position paper for our region. The Seed Association meeting is scheduled to be held physically in Bangkok; Thailand on April 26-27 so stay tuned!

Standing Committee on International Trade & Quarantine: 

The SC ITQ committee had the first online meeting on February 2nd. During the meeting, Mr Michael Leader announced that he would like to step down from the Chair position after two and a half years as chair. The committee expressed sincere appreciation to Michael for his leadership.  leadership Dr Mary Ann Sayoc was nominated to be the Chair and with support from all committee members . APSA Secretariat and SC ITQ committee warmly welcomed Dr Sayoc as  new Chair. The committee also welcomed  Mr John Mizicko as  new Co-Chair assigned by EC and Ms Mallika Verma as an observer from FSII.

The committee members was constantly updated on the preparation of the APSA 9th Phytosanitary Expert Consultation. This year the National Plant Protection Offices (NPPOs) in 13 countries namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam have confirmed their participation.  In addition, therepresentatives from the International Seed Federation ), CropLife Asia, the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institution (APAARI) and seeds association of China (CNSTA), India (FSII) and Japan (JASTA) will also join the consultation to be held from March 7-9, 2023. Besides, NPPOs from Australia, China, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea will also jointhe consultation online. This year a field trip to Khon Kaen is planned for the NPPOs to visit the seed production sites and seed health testing laboratories of the seed industry.

Special Interest Group Field Crops: 

The SIGexpressed  sincere appreciation  the ervice of retiring chair Dr Frisco M Malabanan   During the first committee meeting, Dr Chua Kim Aik was nominated as chair and full support from all members for his nomination.  Besides the SIGalso accepted the new member nomination of Dr Fan Xingming from Yunnan Tian Rui Seed Industry Co., Ltd. Dr Fan will join the committee in the next online meeting.

This year,  a study tour on hybrid rice and hybrid corn to Philippines is proposed y

the Special Interest Group on Vegetables and Ornamentals

The SIG Veg & Orn had the first  meeting on February 16th,  The discussion topics included WIC updates on burning issues and WIC physical meeting preparation, R&D and DRT updates, 2023 activities planning namely study tour survey and topics for ASC November technical session.

The Working Group of Integrated Vegetable Seed Companies or WIC

WIC Chair and Co-Chair have been connecting with APSA Secretariat for WIC physical meeting preparation. The meeting will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on April 25th. Stay tuned for more updates.

For The R&D Advisory Group,

The committee did not have a meeting this month but still communicating via email on action points from the first meeting namely the planning for Asian Cucurbits Roundtable, webinar and the collaborative projects. Stay tuned for more update next month.

The Disease Resistance Terminology Working Group or DRT,

The DRT Bitter gourd Powdery Mildew Subgroup had an online meeting on February 15 to review the Letter of Agreement and work plan for the practical project implementation. They will also exchange emails on the seeds import to member countries and to review the bitter gourd trial screening protocol.

The Watermelon Fusarium Wilt subgroup also had a meeting on the same day to update group members on the status of seed sample requests. It was noted that the  seed request from USDA, can be sent around June 2023. They also had a discussion on the relevance of Fusarium race 0.  

This is all for now for the short SC/SIG updates.  Thank you very much and stay tuned for more updates next month. 

Kunaporn Phuntunil

APSA Technical Coordination Manager

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Seed Industry News


FAO marks World Pulses Day 2023: February 10: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations marked World Pulses Day 2023 with a virtual global gathering at its headquarters in Rome. Celebrated every February 10, the international day is designed to highlight the importance of pulses and legume species and their crucial contribution to the sustainability of food systems . . .

Russia mulls restricting seed imports: February 7: The Russian Agricultural Ministry is planning to introduce quotas on seed imports to promote domestic production. . .

More from international seed industry news.


Sowing insights from NSW wheat trials: Feb 20: During research and trials carried out in Condobolin and Rankins Springs in 2018, as well as in Rankins Springs in 2019 and Lake Cargelligo in 2020, varieties were selected to include “a mix of true winter wheat such as EGA Wedgetail , new fast winter wheat such as Longsword and short-season wheat such as Condo and Vixen”.  . . .

Gene regulator authorizes GM chrysanthemum: February 9: The Australian Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has granted a license to International Flower Developments Pty Ltd authorizing the commercial import and distribution of chrysanthemums genetically modified for altered flower colour. . . .

Australia to be first global market for the launch of Axalion™: January 31: BASF has announced the launch of Axalion™ Active in Australia, with other markets to follow. . . .

Pacific Seeds MD appointed: January 2: Advanta Seeds has announced the appointment of Andrew Short as the new Managing Director of Advanta’s Australian arm, Pacific Seeds, efective from 2 January. . . .

More from Australia seed industry news


Concern for falling imports ahead of Ramadan: February 11:  As Ramadan approaches, both importers and consumers are concerned about a possible increase in the prices of daily necessities during the fasting month. . . .

More from Bangladesh seed industry news


Cambodia becomes top ag supplier to Vietnam: February 21: According to the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, agricultural exports from the Southeast Asian country in 2021 reached nearly US$ 5 billion . . .

More from Cambodia seed industry news

 Central Asia

Insights into Kazakhstan tomato processing Industry: January 11: According to a two-part article, Kazakhstan has produced about 95,000 tonnes of processed tomatoes annually over the last six years, devoting about a tenth or 11% of its total fresh production (906,000 mT) to processing. . . .

More from Central Asia seed industry news


GM maize planting plans shy of industry expectations: February 16: According to a report by Reuters, citing two unnamed industry sources, China this year is expected to plant less than 1% of its maize acreage with genetically modified (GM) varieties. . . .  

Boosting maize soybean, edible oil output: February 15: State media has announced plans for China to increase efforts to boost output of soybeans and edible oils. . . .

GE alfalfa, sugarcane among ‘tranche’ of new approvals in 2023: January 13: In January 2023, MARA announced the issuance of new and renewed biosafety certificates for genetically engineered (GE) events, including eight new and two renewed certificates for GE crops approved for import as processing materials and six new and 32 renewed certificates for domestic GE crop cultivation and production. . . .

More from China seed industry news


Seed traceability mechanism to launch in Jammu and Kashmir: February 15: The respective state seed certification agencies in Jammu and Kashmir are set to go digital with the centralized online seed traceability portal, SATHI (Seed Authentication, Traceability and Holistic Inventory.). . . .

ICAR varieties 'stabilized’ India food grains, ag tech increased production: February 15: Over the past eight years since 2014, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) reports that it has released a total of 2,122 crop varieties of food crops, oil seeds, pulses, commercial crops, horticultural crops, potential crops and fodder crops. . . .

Record mustard seed sowing expected to yield record production: February 7: Due to the highest-ever reported mustard-seed seeding of 9.8 million hectares (MH) this season, reinforced by ‘favorable weather’ conditions in important growing zones, output is projected to set a record. . . .

‘Flood-tolerant’ rice developed in Puducherry: February 12: Scientists at an agriculture institute in Karaikal have developed a new rice variety that has shown flood tolerance traits. . . .

GM Mustard deemed safe, approved for environmental release: February 7: The Indian government has approved a Genetically Modified (GM) hybrid variety of mustard for “environmental release”.  . . .

Coriander seeds from Russia surge: February 6: According to India's official trade figures, imports of coriander seed from Russia grew dramatically by 1,313% year-on-year in the first eight months of the current fiscal year, amounting to just over 23,000 tonnes. . . .

Scientists testing herbicide-resistant upland rice mutant line: February 3: Scientists at the ICAR-National Rice Research Institute are carrying out trials of a mutant line of herbicide-resistant rice. . . .

Budget lacking desired seed R&D support: February 2: The fiscal budget for 2023-2024, which was presented to Parliament earlier this month, did not include support to enhance research in seeds and technology. . . .

Full quote from Federation of Seed Industry of India (FSII) Director General Ram Kaundinya:

“The Union Budget 2023-24, presented by the Hon’ble Finance Minister today, has many positive announcements for agriculture in general. As far as the seed industry is concerned there are three items in the budget. 

The project on ELS Cotton is a step in the right direction. We are currently producing only 25% of our requirement of 2m bales and the balance is being imported. We believe that a large level of research investment is needed as a part of this project in which the private sector and ICAR can work together and develop high yielding hybrids with ELS and other fibre characteristics. Germplasm plays a key role in this, and both the sectors should come forward to share germplasm in this project. Farmers will grow more of ELS Cotton if they find it high yielding and profitable.

An allocation of Rs. 2,200 cr towards supplying disease free and high-quality horticultural planting material is a very good project. Fruits and Vegetables demand is galloping, and our supplies have to keep pace. Investments are required in enhancing research and high-quality production systems in both fruits and vegetables. Under this project if specific crops are identified and targeted for improvement the seed industry will be very happy to collaborate with ICAR and the Govt on this.

IIMR to be converted into a global Millet Hub is a very good idea. Private sector seed industry is already involved in a big way with Millet breeding, seed production and promotion among farmers.

However, we are disappointed that there has been no announcement of support to enhance research in seeds and technology. We represented for restoration of the 200% income tax deduction of the research expenditure of seed industry. In order to face the challenges of climate change, natural resource depletion, newly emerging pests and diseases and stagnant yields research investments have to be stepped up by the private industry. We were expecting some incentivization of such investments which did not happen.

The budget announced development of Digital Public Goods for delivering several services to the farmers, setting up of an Agri Accelerator fund and a micro irrigation project in Karnataka apart from targeting Rs. 20 lakh crores of agri credit. These all are very positive measures to help agriculture and the farmers.”

Cabinet to set up Multi-State Cooperative Societies: January 11: The government has announced a decision by the Union Cabinet to establish and promote a national level multi-state seed cooperative society based on the Multi State Cooperative Societies (MSCS) Act, 2002. . . .

Bt brinjal trials sought in Karnataka: January 4: Maharashtra-based  Beejsheetal Research Private Limited has filed an application seeking to conduct biosafety trials of genetically modified (Bt) brinjal seeds in Karnataka. . . .

More from India seed industry news


Consolidation sought in face of surging feed prices: February 17: Berdikari, a state-owned livestock farming company in Indonesia, has asked the Indonesian Feedmills Association GPMT to provide the necessary demand for imported feed wheat from its members. . . .

Minister urges for market fairness ahead of rice harvest peak: February 17: The Agriculture Minister has confirmed that harvest season has begun in all areas and the volume of rice production is in line with the government's projection. . . .

More from Indonesia seed industry news


Seedbank part of sustainable strategy: February 16: The preservation of plant seeds is increasingly vital due to climate change and the destruction of ecosystems. . . .

Truffle artificially cultivated in Japan: February 9: The Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute has succeeded in cultivating artificial truffles in Japan for the first time. . . .

Betacyanin containing GM potato and tomato developed: January 26: A research team from Tokyo University of Science and Iwate Biotechnology Research Center genetically modified potato and tomato plants to produce betacyanin for the first time. . . .

More from Japan seed industry news


Regulator proposes label ban for hemp compound terms: January 23: South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has reportedly proposed to prohibit the use of CBD (Cannabidiol), THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and other similar terms on the labels of hemp products, including hemp seed oil. . . .

Ag Minister vows rapid digital, youth transformation: February 19: Through coordinated efforts to transform the traditional, labor-intensive industry into a new high-tech sustainable growth driver, the Korean government will support young . . .

Food shortages ‘worsening’ in North: February 22: According to South Korea's unification ministry, North Korea's food shortages look to be becoming worse. . . .

Rice control act revision ‘likely’ to be vetoed if passed: February 17: A revision to the rice control act, which is being pursued by the Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), has a high chance of being vetoed by the president, if as expected, it is passed in parliament. . . .

More from Korea seed industry news


7th IASS: The 7th International Agriculture Students Symposium was held in Malaysia from 20 February to 1 March 2023, with the theme "Youth Involvement and Innovation for Food Security." . . .

Conglomerates critical in global palm market domination: February 15: A comprehensive article sheds light on some of the “prominent names in the plantation industry” in Nusantara nations of Malaysia and Indonesia. . . .

More from Malaysia seed industry news


Local tomato, vegetable producers struggle to compete with imports: February 20: According to some local growers,  the price of locally-produced tomatoes, cauliflowers, carrots and other vegetables has been decreasing due to high competition from imported vegetables. . . .

More from Nepal seed industry news

 New Zealand

New grain and seeds standard: February 2: The New Zealand delegation to the World Trade Organization’ SPS has notified the SPS (G/SPS/N/NZL/708) a move to amend its Import Health Standard: Grain and Seeds for Consumption, Feed or Processing. . . .

Plant virus found on tomato crops: January 4: Biosecurity NZ is monitoring for any further signs of a plant virus, PSTVd, found in a commercial crop in Tasman district, located in the northwest of South Island. . . .

Proposal to amend seed import health standards: New Zealand has proposed an amendment to its previously announced import health standard Seeds for Sowing (155.02.05) to the Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of the World Trade Organization. . . .

Predicted increase for seed export earnings: December 2022: New June Year data released by the Ministry for Primary Industries predicts seed exports to rise 5%, reaching $265m in 2023. . .

NZGSTA updates: 

The following updates were covered in a recent newsletter from the New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association: . . .

More from New Zealand seed industry news


Chinese Canola Flowers Benefiting Pakistan Farmers: February 19: Pakistan and China's partnership under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has resulted in Chinese seed company Wuhan Qingfa Hesheng's canola variety HC-021C flourishing in Pakistan. . . .

Traders push for competitive wheat support in Punjab: February 14:The Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) has called on the Punjab government to increase the wheat support price for the 2023 procurement season from Rs 3000 ($11.46) per maund (37.3 kg) to Rs 3,900 ($14.89) per maund. . . .

Students to Receive Hybrid Seeds and Tissue Culture Training Support from PARC: January 30: The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) will support Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) students in producing hybrid seeds and training in tissue culture. . . .

More from Pakistan seed industry news


High-Quality Seeds Now More Accessible to Farmers in Bicol and Eastern Visayas: January 30: The Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rice Research Institute (DA-PhilRice) has accredited four new seed grower cooperatives and associations as certified seed suppliers under the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) Seed Program. . . .

Seed alliance benefits national food security: January 26: Reinforced by an alliance between the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the National Seed Industry Council (NSIC), the Philippines’ Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) will develop the National Seed Industry Development Program to improve the country's farm production. . . .

More from Philippines seed industry news


Chia Tai Field Day 2023: February 7: Taking place at Chiang Mai Research Station in Hang Dong District of Chiang Mai, Chia Tai Seed hosted the "Chia Tai Field Day 2023" to highlight the company's plant breeding innovation and present high-quality seeds. . . .
Thailand Issues New GM Foods Regulations: February 2: Thailand recently issued two Ministerial Notifications, No. 431 and No. 432, to regulate GMOs and associated food products. . . .

More from Thailand seed industry news


Seed Industry News by country in alphabetical order








Korea, South





New Zealand




Sri Lanka




Central Asia

Middle East




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Asian Seed magazine Vol. 28 No.4 (Quarter 4, October - December 2022)

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In the fourth and final issue of Asian Seed and Planting Material for volume 28, we have facts and figures about our host country of the 2022 Asian Seed Congress, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 14 to 18 November. We also feature exclusive interviews with the two 2022 APSA awardees, as well as with the director general of the Department of Agriculture, Thailand and the first Asian President of the International Seed Testing Association. There's also an article from the SeaWorld group about the rising contra season seed production potential of South America, in addition to statistics analysis of the Asia Pacific sowing seed trade trends leading into the pandemic, as well as coming out of it.

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APSA Year in Review 2022

The 2022 Year In Review Document features facts, figures an details about all of the various activities APSA has organized, participated in and carried out this past year. Initiated with addresses from APSA 2022 outgoing president Mr. Wichai Laocharoenpornkul and APSA Executive Director, Dr. Kanokwan Chodchoey, the document covers the highlights from various activities, including APSA’s in-person and online events, technical webinars, as well as various collaborations, initiatives and projects with members, partners and stakeholders. There are also details, metrics and statistics about APSA’s digital media, including our website and social media. Download now

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