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January 2021 Newsletter

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Welcome to the first newsletter of 2021. We hope that you all have had a great start to what will be a very prosperous and healthy year ahead. First, we are excited to inform/remind you that the Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) declared this year to be the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (#IYFV2021).

Further underlining the importance of food and agriculture on Planet (Plant-it) Earth, later this year, the United Nations will hold the Food Systems Summit 2021. As we in seed are a “starting point” of the food supply chain, it is crucial for all seed related organizations to collaborate -- more than ever before. 

With that, we are pleased to announce that APSA is global joining efforts with the International Seed Federation to formally join the conversation of transforming food systems, ahead of and behond the coming Summit. In this regard, our mandate to ensure farmers continue to produce and have access to quality seeds will continue, and thus shall we continue to play our part in attaining #SustainableDevelopment in the twenty-first century.

Also worth noting here, international activities to continuously support last year’s International Year of Plant Health will ensue through to the first half of 2021. This is in line with APSA's plans, events and activities to continously support and prioritize regional phytosanitary harmonization and collaboration efforts: To this regard, we are collaborating with the Thai Seed Trade Association and other stakeholders to organize a free webinar on Fall Armyworm on 4 Feb. This webinar is open to the public and more details can be found in the Upcoming Events section below. 

Speaking of regional collaboration, we just concluded a fruitful APSA Seed Association meeting on Friday (January 29) and are all very pleased of the progress and development of our associations. We are especially enthused to formally welcome two new association members to the family: Indeed, we look forward to working more closely with to strengthening ties with and support for the Myanmar Seed Association and Vietnam Seed Trade Association, as well as all of our other national and local seed associations. Their feedback and  priorities highlighted during the meeting are all duly noted and we are excited to build momentum and increase engagement to continously strengthen capacity of the regional seed industry together. Please stand by for more updates on all of our collaborative efforts. 

And do be sure to follow us on our social media channels so you can get the latest updates, news, developments and advocacy efforts. Among the important highlights to mention here briefly include brining attention our recently published educational VDO on plant breeder’s rights as well as other educational material on plant variety protection, which can all be found on our website.  

Also, be sure to see the Thailand seed industry news section below for an important update on seed import conditions announced by the Department of Agriculture, Thailand. The regulation will come into force on 13 April, 2021. If you need more information about the import conditions, which are specificly for sowing seeds of pepper, tomato, eggplants and maize, note we will send the official English version once it has been circulated to the WTO and look forward to keeping you updated and informed other similar news.

With that, following are many more important updates from the Secretariat. 

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Technical Affairs

Regarding updates on project collaborations, please be reminded that registration for the 2021 APSA-World Vegetable Center Vegetable Breeding Consortium is now open. 

This year we are offering even more benefits for APSA members, the most exciting of which is 24-month lead access to newly-developed lines shown at the virtual annual workshop,which will run from 1 July 2021 until 30 June 2023. In addition to the extended exclusivity period for the new breeding lines, you also have the opportunity to request up to ten free seed acquisitions per year from World Vegetable Center.  You will also have the chance to attend the virtual annual workshop in May 2021 and the Field day in May/June 2022 in India and get a 20% discount off World Veg international training programs. 

Click here to learn more about the consortium benefits

Only Consortium members will have a chance to participate in consortium special projects. This year consortium members can apply for the below 3 projects:

1. Multi-location Testing of Vegetable Varieties of APSA – World Vegetable Center Consortium Members in Benin and Tanzania(click here for project detail)

2. Heat stress tolerance of tomato & pepper(click here for project detail)

3. Bitter Gourd Breeding Project (click here for project detail)

If you are interested to join any of the special projects, please hurry and contact Ms Xiaofeng LI, APSA Partnership Program Manager for more details. 

For the second project collaboration, we are pleased to announce that the registration is also open for APSA active members on the Screening of Tomato necrotic ringspot virus (TNRV) and Capsicum chlorosis virus (CaCV)-resistant sources in pepper germplasm, which will be led by the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), NSTDA of Thailand.

The total project duration is 2.5 years to screen for CaCV and/or TNRV-resistance sources in pepper germplasm using mechanical inoculation protocol in greenhouse condition and to evaluate sources of resistance to TNRV and/or CaCV using thrips inoculation in greenhouse condition. Germplasms used in this study are from universities in Thailand and New Mexico State University, USA

The participating companies will receive the following benefits:

  • Report, which includes the outcome of the project and virus screening technique. 
  • Companies located in Thailand are eligible to request the germplasms showing TNRV and CaCV resistance/tolerance from the universities in Thailand and the New Mexico State University.
  • Companies located outside Thailand will only be eligible to request the germplasms showing TNRV and CaCV resistance from New Mexico State University.

Please be advised that registration to participate in this project will close February 18

We will only be accepting a minimum of 5 companies or a maximum of 15 companies. So if you are interested, please hurry up and register. For more information, please visit the official event page on our official APSA website or click here:

Next, an update from APSA’s Standing Committees (SCs) and Special Interest Group (SIGs).  This month we had the first meeting of the year for all three of our SCs, and they were all excited to plan for activities for members this year. In brief:

SC Seed Technology is planning on a webinar series on Seed Technology with catchy topics. The first webinar exclusively for APSA members will be organized in the last week of March. APSA Secretariat also sent out a 1-minute survey for members to vote on the most preferable topics for the webinar series. So, check your email, choose your favorite option and we will go for it!

SC IPR & Biodiversity is planning for an advocacy campaign to promote Plant Variety Protection, Plant Breeder’s Rights and a lot more on IPR related to seeds. The committee will also have a series of social media posts for biodiversity and genetic resources. So, stay tuned for more info. 

SC International Trade and Quarantine has a packed list of updates and activities planned in 2021, including, for example, providing updates on WTO notification, advocating for Indian Foreign Direct Investment as well as for a seed localization policy in the Philippines. The Committee is also planning to organize our annual Phytosanitary Expert Consultation in quarter 3 of the year. 

Regarding our two SIGs, Vegetables and Ornamentals and Field crops will be having their first meetings of the year in early February. Meanwhile, subgroups of SIG V&O, namely the R&D Advisory Committee and Working Group of Integrated Vegetable Seed Companies (WIC) and Disease Resistance Terminology group have met already to start planning for this year. 

One of the initiatives of the R&D AC is to continue to organize the webinar series of ASCRT, which Mike will tell you more about in the Upcoming Events Section.

Last but not least, we have just finished the APSA Seed Association Members meeting on January 29. Seed Associations from 15 countries in Asia Pacific and outside the region with around 35 representatives joined this meeting. We had fruitful discussions for the two-hour online meeting, which ensured stronger collaboration among seed associations. Stay tuned for more updates from this..


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ASTA's Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference

Join representatives in the vegetable and flower seed business from over 35 countries for tremendous networking and educational opportunities. Now in its 60th year, ASTA's Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference has steadily grown to over double its size in the past 15 years. With the addition of virtual capabilities for business appointments, 2021 promises to be a bigger year than ever to connect with business partners in the seed industry. 

Taking place from the 1st to the 3rd of February 2021, The conference will be offered within a very robust virtual platform, built for the crucial educational content and easy-to-use, business to business video appointments that are key to the value of this event. We'll take the Trading Room for a fun, virtual spin this year with creative twists, interactive games and prizes and a full list of participating companies!

For more details and for registration, please visit the Upcoming Events page on APSA’s official website. SEE EVENTS 


Fall armyworm in Asia:

APSA, in collaboration with the Thai Seed Trade Association (THASTA), the Department of Agriculture (DOA) and the Thai Crop Protection Association (TCPA) will be hosting a free webinar on what is arguably one of the biggest threats to Asian Farmers and Food Security of our time, the Fall armyworm.

We invite all seed industry stakeholders and the general public to come and join the Fall armyworm in Asia: Sharing Lessons & Experiences Webinar on 4 February 2021 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (ICT),

We are happy to announce that Registration is FREE for all to attend but pre-registration is required. To register for the webinar, please visit the official event page on APSA’s official website. GO TO PAGE 


Plantum Seed Technology Webinar

We would like to inform all members of a very interesting event happening on the 11h of February 2021 and nosted by one of our very own members. The Plantum Seed Technology Webinar. The webinar is free and does not require any downloads at all.

The 2nd Plantum Seed Technology Webinar will feature 2 speakers.

Dr. Jeremy Pardo – the Van Buren lab, Michigan State University Co-option of seed dehydration pathways during drought and desiccation in grasses

Dr. Jae-Sung Lee – International Rice Research Institute Exploring Anti-ageing Properties in Rice Seeds

If you are interested in joining this free webinar, registration must be made before Tuesday the 9th of February. For more details and for registration, please visit the Upcoming Events page on APSA’s official website CLICK HERE 


Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day

On February 12 we will be celebrating Chinese Year New, as we welcome the year of the Ox So I want to wish everyone, especially all of our Chinese Members, associates and friends a very Happy Chinese New Year 2021,

Following immediately after Chinese New Year will be Valentine’s Day. So happy valentines day to everyone and please don’t forget to never stop sharing the love of seeds.


Asian Solanaceous and Cucurbits Roundtable (ASCRT) - Session 2 

Last year the first session of the Asian Solanaceous and Cucurbits Roundtable (ASCRT) was held in December. With a great turnout and response, we are happy to announce that the second ASCRT webinar session will be held on Wednesday the 24th of February 2021 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Bangkok Time).

The main focus and theme of the second session will be The Evolution and Emergence of Viruses in Asia Pacific Region, with special guest speakers Dr. Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia and Dr. Christy Jeyaseelan Emmanuel from University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Participation for the Session 2 of the Asian Solanaceous and Cucurbits Roundtable (ASCRT) is FREE for ALL ACTIVE APSA Members, but pre-registration is required. To register for the event, please visit the official event page on our official APSA Website. CLICK HERE


Other events

And now for some other industry events happening around the world.

  • Mar 16, 18 and April 1 = 15th Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures in Rome
  • June 28 to July 1, International Plant Health Conference "Protecting Plant Health in a changing world" in Helsinki
  • July 1, official Closing of International Year of Plant Health (as part of losing the conference in Helsinki) 

FAO reportThirteenth meeting of the International Year of Plant Health International Steering Committee



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Sponsorship & Advertising opportunities

As part of APSA’s digitalization strategy, we’re offering our members the chance to directly reach thousands of seed industry decision makers directly -- in their inbox, on their smartphone, and PC through our exciting new affiliate, sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Through our digital channels we are emphasizing SEO dynamics to ensure our content reaches not only our members but other seed industry specific stakeholders. What we’re offering this year: 

  • Hyperlinked logos on select content pages on our website
  • Exposure and publicity opportunities through our  social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) ideal for company news, events and announcements 
  • Sponsorship spotlights in our newsletter, podcast, virtual events and virtual events calendar, which will not only help you to build brand awareness and affiliation, but also drive target audiences directly to you, your services and products 
  • We’re still offering conventional advertising opportunities in our e-Magazine, which will continued to be published on a quarterly basis, though want to emphasize the increasing shift towards digitization in the socalled ‘New Normal’ 

In sum, we are offering all inclusive value addition packages that can be customized to your company or organization’s needs. To find out more, see our media kit and rate sheet, and should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email me ( and/or my colleagues, Jerry ( as well as Mike and Komsak.




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Seed Industry News



World food price index in 2020 at three-year high:
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Food Price Index ticked up to 107.5 points in December, representing a 2.2% increase over November. ...

Food insecure Asians doubled in 2020:
According to a United Nations report, as reported in Nikkei, and tweeted by the FAO,  the number of “food insecure” Asians last year doubled to 265 million. … 

ISF declares ‘seed as the starting point’:
The International Seed Federation is encouraging seed and agriculture business leaders to “join the conversation on food systems transformation and national food policies.” by signing its “Declaration … 

Access to seeds new methodology feedback:
Regarding the publication of the draft methodology for the 2021 Access to Seeds Index. This draft methodology, including the already released scope of the Index is still open for public consultation  until January 31st. 

UPOV welcomes contributions re. Smallholders experience till 1 February:
As a first step towards the possible development of guidance regarding the implementation of the exception of acts done privately and for non-commercial purposes in relation to smallholder farmers, the UPOV Council has sent a circular to members of the Union and observers requesting contributions on their experience and on their views

ASTA 2020 Annual Report:
The American Seed Trade Association has published its 2020 Annual Report, which includes details about activities, strategy, finances and more …


Click Here to Asia-Pacific Industry News page 



Non-compliant ‘risky’ seeds continue to be intercepted:
Officers at Australia’s Department of  Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) in 2020 had reportedly intercepted 45,000 “risky seed parcels” at the country’s international mail centre, and continue to intercept more since the start of the new year ….

Seed libraries in Victoria, Melbourne and Western Australia:
The Moonee Valley Libraries’ Seed Library is among a handful of public libraries that offer the public free seeds, which are collected via donation from people who harvested them at home. Among the seed library programs listed in an article include ….

Nufarm hoping for turnaround:
Australia's homegrown farm chemical and seed technology multinational, Nufarm, has big hopes for a turnaround in European crop protection sales following a $456 million loss last year. …

Orange capsicum holds key to counter blindness:
According to research by the University of Queensland, orange capsicums are among the richest sources of the orange pigment zeaxanthin,which helps to protect against macular degeneration, which is responsible for half of all cases of blindness in Australia. …


Click Here to Australia Seed Industry News page



New Bt cotton trials commence:
Bangladesh researchers working through the Cotton Development Board (CDB) have begun field trials for two varieties of Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) cotton. … 

Doubled soybean price spurs mass production of seed:
Laxmipur: Soybean seeds are being cultivated en masse in thousands of acres of land on the huge char (islands) of the Meghna river….

Inferior subsidy seeds scandal claims:
Farmers in the Rajshahi region have charged that subsidized seeds they received from the government were of low quality. Seeds of various crops were distributed in … 

Farmer praises high yielding paddy seeds in Kushtia:
A farmer in Kumarkhali of Kushtia district has reported promising results from paddy seeds acquired from the Department of Agriculture and Rice Research Institute (translation). … 

New oil-seed perilla registered, distributed for nationwide cultivation:
Oil extraction from the seed of a new perilla (Perilla frutescens) cultivar developed by Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University has been exhibited and the seeds have been distributed … .

Vegetable exports decline as freight doubles:
Vegetable exports from Bangladesh declined dramatically towards the end of 2020. … 

Click Here to Bangladesh Seed Industry News page



Seeking mosaic virus resistant cassava:
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has instructed farmers to select cassava varieties that are healthy and of good quality, resistant to climate change, resistant to diseases and pests. … 

New high-yielding hybrid maize variety to be released: Phnom Penh:
A specialized unit of the Ministry of Agriculture has given the nod to a new disease-resistant, high yielding maize variety. The new variety, dubbed CHM01, is said to be resistant to Downy Mildew, and can yield about 8.60 tons per hectare … 


Click Here to Cambodia Seed Industry News page



China to accelerate innovation within seed industry:
Based on provisions of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025), authorities in the world’s most populous country aim to tackle challenges in agricultural technology and food security … 

Xinjiang seed industry prospects:
In recent years, the Xinjiang region seed industry has attached great importance to the development of the seed industry and continuously improved its capacity in breeding innovation….

Ningbo hybrid rice strides:
Since the 1990s, a scientific research team in Ningbo with researcher Ma Rongrong as the core has overcome many world-class problems, and has successively bred 63 distinctive "Yongyou" series of hybrid rice varieties  … 

Sichuan gene bank underway:
On December 31, 2020, work to establish the Sichuan Germplasm Resource Center officially began in Tianfu Modern Seed Industry Park in Qionglai City. … 

Imported seeds more expensive, but yield better:
Citing figures from a China Seed Industry Development Report 2019, in 2018, China imported more than 72 million kilograms of crop seeds , with an import value of 475 million US dollars … 

Jiangsu seed and breeding base update:
In Jiangsu province, there are not only crop breeding research centers, agricultural science and technology research centers, but also the largest domestic yew (Taxus) seedling breeding base. … 

China crop seed industry grew in 2019 vs 2018:
The " 2020 China Crop Seed Industry Development Report'' was recently compiled and published by the Seed Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs … 

19th Guangdong Seed Expo:
On December 12, 2020 the 19th Guangdong Seed Expo and the 2020 World Conference on Digital Agriculture opened in Kemulang, Guangzhou. With the theme of “Digital Agriculture introducing the Future Creative Energy to Modern seed Industry” … 

Jiangxi Germplasm Bank breaks ground:
On December 28, 2020, a groundbreaking ceremony for the Jiangxi Provincial Crop Germplasm Bank Construction Project was held at the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. … 


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Winter crops up by 1.8 million hectares:
The total area in India sown with Rabi crops was 67. 5 million hectares, which is 1.87 million more than the same period last year. ...

Karnataka Minister wants State Seed Corporation to become model:
B C Patil, the Karnataka Minister for Agriculture was quoted in Indian media on January 14 saying he wanted the State Seed Corporation to become a national model in India. ...

West Bengal State to address expensive seed potato:
Since potato cultivation in the Indian State of West Bengal is said to be heavily dependent on seed from Punjab and allegations have been rampant of a black market for this seed … 

Organic scientist remembered through seed selection training:
Sastra University in Tiruchirappalli recently organised a field day event with delta farmers to commemorate the legacy of organic scientist G Nammalvar. … 

TNAU promotes high yielding hybrid sunflower seeds:
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University recently detailed attributes of its ‘new’ hybrid variety of sunflower. … 

Black rice grown in Maharashtra:
Some farmers in Maharashtra’s Akola taluka have successfully grown a black rice for two successive seasons. … 

Compensation for ‘poor quality seeds’ ordered:
The Nashik District Consumers Complaints Redressal Commission has reportedly ordered a private seed company to compensate farmers … 

Plant quarantine facility to be set up for Jammu, Kashmir:
A Post-Entry Quarantine facility is planned to be established at the Advanced Centre for Horticulture Development Zainapora Shopian. … 

State subsidized wheat seeds fail to germinate:
Some Bihar farmers have complained that state subsidized wheat seeds failed to germinate during a three wee sowing period. … 

AI-directed drone wheat, paddy sowing experiments:
Experiments being carried out in the Khutahan village of Mirzapur by the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU are finding out how drones can excel the rice-wheat cropping system. … 

‘Contaminated’ Indian sesame seeds recalled:
Swiss authorities have reportedly recalled shipments of sesame seeds, among other food product consignments imported from India, citing the detection of pesticides…. 

India should woo SAARC seed markets, says NSAI writer:
If India is to “boost local industry peacefully, we must woo SAARC markets, including Pakistan, and build stronger economic relationships independent of politics,” … 

Farmer protests in capital affect supply:
Protests involving farmers in New Delhi are reportedly affecting the supply of vegetables. The protests, which were taking place at three major entry points in the Indian capital… 

Click Here to India Seed Industry News page 



Improving Katamobagu rice varieties prioritized:
The Kotamobagu government, through the Kotamobagu Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DPP) will prioritize local rice seed purification programs in 2021. … 

National soybean seed multiplication program commences:
The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared six ‘superior’ soybean varieties to be sown in the coming 200 days through to August. … 

Superior seeds to be traced by barcodes:
The Provincial Government of South Kalimantan, through the Center for Supervision and Certification of Seeds, the Office of Food Crops and Horticulture of South Kalimantan Province, are piloting a new system of seed label barcodes. … 

Unauthorized seeds intercepted in West Papua:
Officers of the Sorong Agricultural Quarantine Station in West Papua announced  they have destroyed unauthorized imported crop and plant seeds that were intercepted in the post. … 

Covid 19 seed assistance for horticulture farmers:
To address the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on food security and the economy, especially regarding horticultural farmers …. 

Minister of Agriculture supports ornamental plant output:
Indonesia’s Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo has echoed support to bolster production of ornamental plants. … 

East Java aero-seeding reforestation:
The Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa has endorsed aero-seeding reforestation efforts to restore degraded land. Using helicopters, some 3.5 tons of plant seeds were sown around Mount Arjuno, Mount Wilis and Mount Kawi. … 


Click Here to Indonesia Seed Industry News page



ISF welcomes gene-edited tomato notification in Japan:
The International Seed Federation (ISF) welcomes the announcement of the first voluntary notification of genome edited high-GABA tomato in Japan. … 

NARO develops predictive ‘genome selection AI’ for rice breeding:
On January 8, the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) announced that it has successfully developed AI powered gene selection capabilities that make it possible to predict important traits such as rice yield and quality … 

Revised Seed and Seedling Law effective in April:
Seed IP and Plant Breeders Rights stand to be strengthened when the revised seed and seedling protection law comes into force this April. ...

Fusarium Root Rot of sweet potatoes in Shizuoka:
The Shizuoka Prefectural Pest Control Station has confirmed cases of sweet potato (Fusarium) root rot for the first time in the prefecture. … 


Click Here to Japan Seed Industry News page 



New seed education center to provide practical industry training:
A new International Seed Life Education Center has been established to cultivate seed industry experts in the seed industry. … 

Advancing seed sample image analysis technology:
A new seed resource development program that utilizes the latest in image analysis technology being utilized the Gimcheon National Seed Resources, Gyeongbuk showing promise to significantly reduce the time needed to analyze seed sample characteristics. … 

Native seeds of Hongcheon for Women:
The National Federation of Women Farmers' Association, Gangwon Province has published the Indigenous Seeds of Hongcheon' book, which documents native seeds and traditions collected from various places in Hongcheon since 2018. … 

FACT Korea to distribute 2021 crop seeds:
The Eumseong-gun Agricultural Technology Center has announced that it will receive applications (to acquire) 2020 field crop seeds, including 26 cultivars of nine crop species, which will be distributed through the Foundation of Agricultural Technology Commercialization and Transfer, Korea. … 

Yangpyeong County promotes native seeds:
The head of Yangpyeong-gun in Gyeonggi Province is promoting the preservation and use of native seeds as “essential for the health of the people." … 

Gonju willow rice farmer has seed stories:
Hwang Jin-woong, a farmer in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, is a native seed conservitive who has been recording the stories contained in the seeds. … 


Click Here to Korea Seed Industry News page 


Middle East

Iran 95 percent seed self-sufficient, claims Ag Minister:
According to an article citing Iran’s Minister of Agriculture, Kazem Khavazi, Iran “has achieved self-sufficiency in producing nearly all varieties of seeds.” ….

ICARDA Syrian seed conservation, distribution highlighted in paper: NOVEMBER 2020:
The dedicated seed conservation and distribution efforts of the International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) in recent months and years are thoroughly documented in a paper

Click Here to Middle East Seed Industry News page 




Paddy, lentil prices and demand affected:
Farmers in Minbu (Saku) Township, Magway Region, say that crop prices are falling continuously linked to Covid impacts on the movement of goods. … 

Water hyacinth, sunflower seed research:
According to the Department of Agricultural Research, research is underway to produce Early Generation Seed (EGS) for the parent line (male line) of Yezin hybrid water hyacinth. … 

New rice seed trading app launched:
The Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) on January 8 launched a new Rice Portal Mobile Application, which enables farmers and entrepreneurs to connect with each other as part of efforts to use technology an to support the development of Myanmar's rice sector. …


Click Here to Myanmar Seed Industry News page


New Zealand

ToBRFV detected in ‘pest free’ declared seeds:
Biosecurity New Zealand was alerted by industry of the presence of Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) in seeds imported from Israel. … 

PGG Wrightson Seeds’ seed treatment line in Uruguay:
New Zealand’s largest seed company will distribute the group's line of Pro Farm UBP Technology products in Uruguay.  …


Click Here to New Zealand Seed Industry News page 




Seed association sees steady outlook for domestic seed sector in 2021:
Given favorable climatic conditions this year, seed industry stakeholders have forecast a steady outlook for the year 2021, which could be valued at 135 billion rupees … 

In related recent seed news, the SAP Chairman
in December pushed for seed manufacturing companies and farmers to have representation in an agricultural reforms committee as part of efforts to resolve longstanding issues. …

Punjab Ag Minister on improving seed quality:
Punjab Provincial Minister for Agriculture Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi in a meeting on 6 January said that “research on seed technology is an important need … 

Cotton deliveries, ginning fall:
More than 5.39 million bales of seeded cotton had been processed at ginning factories across Pakistan as of Jan 15, 2021, which represents a 34% drop compared to corresponding period of last year … 

IUB production of quality ag produce, seeds:
The Islamia University Bahawalpur will be aiming to produce agriculture produce, supply quality seeds and promote agricultural research via a new project to cultivate 140 acres of barren land on its campus. 


Click Here to Pakistan Seed Industry News page




DoA Thailand announces seed import conditions:
The Department of Agriculture (DoA), Thailand has announced new conditions for the import of tomato, pepper, eggplant and maize seeds for sowing in Thailand. … 

East-West Seeds inks MoU with Community Development Dept:
On January 13 East West Seed General Manager Mr. Wichai Laocharoenpornkul signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Suthipong Chulcharoen, Director-General of the Department of Community Development ….


Click Here to Thailand Seed Industry News page


The Philippines

DA strengthens laboratory network for plant, animal disease capacity:
The Philippines’ Department of Agriculture (DA) is strengthening its laboratory network system to boost its capacity to detect and manage various infectious animal and plant diseases. ...

Rice hybridization in Central Luzon:
The Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Field Office 3 in Pampanga will intensify the implementation of its rice hybridization program in Central Luzon this year. … 

EU could surpass the Philippines in rice exports:
The European Union could out-import the Philippines’ as the top rice importer in the world. According to the USDA’s latest Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report ….

Click Here to Philippines Seed Industry News page



Nevşehir Governor visits seed potato factory:
The governor of Nevşehir İnci Sezer Becel recently toured and inspected the Gülşehir factory, R&D center and underground warehouse of Doğa Tohumculuk, a prominent seed potato production and research company...

Seed services regulation amended:
The  "Seed Production Regulation on the Amendment of Authority Transfer Regulation in Services” or “Regulation Amending the Authority Transfer Regulation in Seed Services” [auto translation] has came into force ...

Ag investments in Karacabey blooming:
Investments continue to grow in Karacabey, which is attracting foreign and domestic industry interest due to its rich and fertile agriculture lands. …


Click Here to Turkey Seed Industry News page



Biomass maize crop enjoys State seed support:
For the winter cropping season of 2020, nearly 2,220 hectares of crops were sown in the district of Huong Khe; of this, biomass maize was sown on over 400 hectares. … 

Vinaseed’s award winning rice to be distributed via Vinmart outlets:
Ho Chi Minh listed Vinaseed recently signed a distribution agreement with the Vinmart supermarket chain to distribute the seed company’s famous ST25 rice products at Vinmart outlets across Vietnam.  …

Rice ‘Tet aid’ requested for poor households in Quang Tri:
The Quang Tri Provincial People's Committee is seeking aid from the central government in the form of rice, having requested more than 807 tons of rice for people to consume during this coming Tet holiday. ...

Seed aid for several disaster-stricken provinces:
The Prime Minister has assigned the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to issue without charge crop seeds  as part of relief efforts following a number of natural disasters in late 2020. … 

APSA company sends vegetable seed aid:
In response to several storm-induced flood and landslide disasters affecting Central Vietnam in October and early November 2020. ...

Disaster seed, seedling aide in Quang Nam:
On January 12, a delegation from the central government visited the Tra Leng commune  in Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province to distribute gifts and relief to households affected by storm-induced landslides last September and October. ...

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